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I go to my class everyday and talk to the same people. Well today I walked into class and the people that I trust and I care about were pretending that I was not there like I didnt exist so I went off I told them that I didnt want to hang out with them because they are a bad influnce and didnt seem to want to hang out with me anyway. Then I walked out there were tears in my eyes. I didnt want them to know that I really needed them I went home in tears I took the blade from a knife and I slit my wrist I was bleeding out so much I was crying and screaming but no one could hear me. My mom came home and found me laying on the ground in I was breathing really lightly almost dead she let out a cry and then called the hospital. They had to carfully stich my arm to stop the bleeding. Then they sent me to a mental hospital. They made me talk about why I wanted to die. I got tharapy at the hospital. One day out of the blue one of my so called friends came to check on me. I screamed at him in tears "What do you want you caused this you know that." He looked at me tears in his eyes but said nothing, so I continued. "Did you know that I loved you that I cared about you." It was silent for a moment. "No I didnt I never relized that I always thought of you as a friend." Tears came to his eyes. "You know there were times I thought about kissing you but I didnt because I didnt think you thought of me like that." Tears came to my eyes and I quickly looked away. "I have always loved you since day one." Then he kissed me. Then I woke up it was all a dream.

Author Notes: this is not a real story but i was actually going through something similar

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20 Dec, 2019
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