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People dont understand me

People dont understand me

By amiXD

if you ever heard of me you would know me as the Fun, Nice, Innocent next door girl
the girl who has many freinds and seems perfect
did you ever trully know me though? do i really seem perfect?

I was known as a smart girl and was kind
the year that changed me was the year my mother was diagnosed with cancer
that year my grades dropped i didnt care about much
the next year came, i came to have good freinds i could trust
it was all going good
first year of high shcool was a breeze
sophomore year. it was the year i was looking forward to everythign changing for the better.
But why did it suddeenly collapse?
my mind blank
all the stress, causing me to cry? no
it was my freinds
the freinds i trusted had betrayed me
then moved away

now..who am i to trust?
who am i?
why am i pretending to smile?

sorry its not much of a story but i felt like posting something.
bored? think i can improve?
email me at

[email protected]

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8 Sep, 2010
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