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By Ghost - 1 Review

Combine 100 percent and infection
along with moderate doses of egomania
and what do you get?
This abomination called Perfection

Now we say Frankenstein's a monster
a disfigured and ugly thing
that I'm pretty sure even Picasso would spit on

But did you know that he hasn't murdered?
Let alone cause any sort of issue besides mass hysteria?

Meanwhile Perfection over here signed on with the Devil
Teens become pressured by this monster's grandiose ideals
about how the best kids have straight A's
and how likeability comes from outward appearences
Not your personality inside

All of a sudden they get depression
and then suicide gets an invitation
Train kissings and private lynchings make this topic national news
"Watch out for slit wrists and social regressions"
They say thats a prevention method
Not sure what its for though

The bodies pile up
Countless kids give it up
This isn't an epidemic yet
Not until The President gets it
Maybe then we can figure out whats the cause
Until then we correlate depression as the biggest culprit there
When in reality Perfection should be the most culpable here

It doesn't seem right
but what should we expect?
Changes come with national incidents
This just hasn't ascended to that level yet

Learn to spot changes in those you value
You don't know if they could change
It may be a volatile shift
Or they could slip away without you knowing

Author Notes: I get the feeling people may take this the wrong way. If what is said offends you, I'm sorry. This was written as a release of sorts from personal issues and what I see around me. So take this as you will and have a good day.

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28 Jul, 2018
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