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Perfectly Imperfect
Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

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They say perfection , preserves the critics of the ugly to shine out and gaze at the viewpoints of different people on one's looks, features, qualities and dispositions. But, what truly captures the eye is when one holds on to imperfection and keeps trying to persuade their heart for a better version of themselves. The fact that every individual frames a different perception of beauty and personality is often 'tackled' to meet their needs and end up with nothing but a body full of judgemental yet convincing dimensions of change every single time. I wonder how its understated that black colour on non-living things can leave a resplendent impression on one's mind but the same colour on skin can ultimately vanish the 'beauty' we tend to find in black.

Too fat, too thin or some other lousy remarks on one's height, race or religion impacts on scars already given by influencive acumens. True talent, dedication and approachable qualities are some of the most underrated things that can leave people flabbergasted to their core. It turns out to be acceptable, the moment we let others live the way they decide to. Only then will imperfection sparkle around us with no regrets of not wasting time and being miserable just to be 'perfect'. You are not only what you eat, but also what type of thoughts you give space to occupy in your mind. Paragons of virtue too have potentials to make mistakes, but they are still never called imperfect for they learn something or the other from their skills to further polish them. The demands of creating a healthy and constructive society will rise high when we visualise real imperfection rather than fake perfection.

Author Notes: Thanks a ton for reading this.❤️
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10 Sep, 2020
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