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picture perfect

picture perfect

By joeneisha

What is picture perfect? Perfect for me is taking my heartbeats away from heart. I’m trying to be something that I know will kill me in the end. I'm afraid if i'm not perfect then everything that I ever worked for will slip away from my hands. I will only have a distance memory of what made me slightly happy. What made me full for a moment but empty on the outside? I will always be afraid of taking pictures because the truth might slip off and all my layers of sadness, inadequacy, happy .and my purple pain will melt upon my face. All my tears will come but people can not see it. So I would cry out for someone to hear to me but it is a whisper upon there ears. My voice is so gentle and so fatigue.i'll cry but my purple pain will still bee inside my veins. Until one day I looked myself in the eyes on my heart for feeling mirror. And I would whisper him a little secret that in order for you to become picture perfect is to turn from hero to villian. I said that my mother once told me that you can die the hero or live long enough to become the villain

By: Joeneisha Austin

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25 Apr, 2011
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1 min
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