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A Piece of Cake
A Piece of Cake

A Piece of Cake

BeowulfAnthony E

If Life is a piece of cake
Then why is there so much pain?
With so very little to lose
And so much more to gain

But little things can mean a lot
People stress and people worry
Stop and smell the icing
Everyone, "What's your hurry?"

Engulf the hand of a child
You were young once too
Enjoy the smile of accomplishment
There wasn't anything you couldn't do

But calendar pages turn
Like a well worn book
Beset with real regret
Just take another look

It's not too late to find your smile
It's in there hiding within your soul
It may be very quiet and still
It's location, only you can know

Cherish friendships and mend your hate
The clock is ticking with much to do
Find your smile, you can have your cake
And of course you can eat it too...


Author Notes: Happiness may be hidden, it's your turn to find it.

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About The Author
Anthony E
About This Story
25 Apr, 2021
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<1 min
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