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Jenny slowly opened her eyes, the flashes of the mid morning sun striped across her face causing her to squint, her head hurt and she couldn't move her arms. The smell of stale cigarettes smoke wafted up in to her nostrils, she felt like puking, but got distracted from the sudden grunt that came from in front of her. Jenny couldn't make out who or what was in the seat in front of her. By now she was having flash backs to the previous night, vague hazy memories skittles across her mind and quickly fading back in to oblivion.

The car went over a speed bump, the thud as it landed back down on the ground suggested that they were doing well over seventy, but that didn't matter at this moment in time, all she was concerned about was getting out of the situation she has found herself in. Jenny tried to manoeuvre her body in a way that she could at least look out the window, but it was no good, her hands and legs were bound too tight and the room she was left with was virtually zero.

Suddenly, she was sweating, the music hammered as her and her best pal Veronica were out busting shapes on the dance floor. It was a good night, plenty of alcohol had been consumed and Jenny was free from the shackles of her estranged husband, she was glad she was now divorced.

The smell of putrid flesh and vomit hit her hard in the chest, Jenny blinked and was back in the car again, shit, it was a flashback, she was back to reality now, and in a hell of a fucked up situation. She knew she had to stay calm if she had any chance of surviving this nightmare.

More grunts came from the front seat and Jenny was desperate to see her abductor, desperate to see the man who could do such a heinous crime.

They continued on driving down the road, she knew she was out of town by now from the lack of street lights that were previously flickering through the windows. Exactly how long she had been in the car was anybody's guess, she remembered waking up to the sunshine in her eyes, but now it was dark, she must have passed out again. The car started to slow down and she felt it turn then slowly come to a stop. The driver's door opened and her kidnapper squeezed himself out of the seat and in the the blackness of the night. Jenny held her breath pretending to still be unconscious, but her pretence was short lived. The squeal was ear piercing, horrid and it cut through the air like a hot knife through butter. What in God's name was that, she was scared now, it sounded like a pig, but with more venom to its vocals.

The rear of the car opened and she could feel the coldness of the nights air across her rigid body, hundreds of tiny goosebumps swayed too and fro on her already tense skin. She turned her head as much as she could in the hope that she could see the monster outside. Jenny's eyes widened, Veronica's half eaten face greeted her as she peered through the narrow gap of the cars boot. Veronica's left eye lay half opened, glazed and her pupil shot to shit. Her lips were completely chewed off exposing the bottom of her teeth through the hole in her chin, blood still dripped from the gaping wound where her nose once was. Her eye looked straight at Jenny. Tears streamed down her face as her friends mangled face faded away into the darkness.

The grunts echoed as they drifted towards her on the eeriness of the wind. Panic started to take hold of Jenny now and she started to shake uncontrollably, what the hell is going to happen to her. The grunts became louder and louder as it came nearer to the car, Jenny tried to make herself as small as possible in a vain attempt to make herself inconspicuous, it was a protective reaction as she knew she had no hope. The door opened and it grabbed her tightly by the legs and heaved her out on to the ground with a thud. Pain shot up her back as she landed hard on the base of her spine. She turned to look at him.

Its face was distorted, almost melted looking, it resembled a wax work of a boar that had been left out in the sun for too long, its eyes sullen and red, sunk deep in to the piss hole sockets glared at its prey as it sat staring at her. Jenny could not believe what she was looking at, how was this possible, this was the kind of shit you would expect in a Stephen King novel.He squealed, piercing Jenny's ears it took her by the leg and dragged her towards the bushes. Jenny's head scraped along the dusty road as it dragged her deeper and deeper in to the undergrowth. Finally they came to a stop, her head was cut to ribbons and was bleeding profusely and running down into her hair. The creature threw Jenny in to the opening with such force that she cracked her collarbone on landing. Pain shot through her chest and radiated in to her arms, her heart was pounding, as adrenaline rushed her now fragile body.

Jenny somehow managed to get herself back up to a seated position, she squinted as a mixture of blood, sweat and tears seared the pupils in her eyes. The creature was stood facing her, its chest, hugh, muscular and veiny danced up and down as it swallowed in great lungfuls of air. It grinned at Jenny revealing dark yellow incisors the size of daggers. Blood and spittle seeped out the corner of its mouth and was dripping in to small pools by its trotters. Suddenly, it sprang onto all fours like some sick twisted fucked up transformer, it raised its bony head up high and sniffed the nights air. It grunted as it lowered its head and stared directly at the meal in front of him.

Jenny's head ricocheted off the ground as the boars head hit her unbelievably hard. White lights danced in front of her eyes as she tried to grab her breath. The creatures mouth opened up and latched on to her kneecap, ripping it clean away from the rest of her leg. Jenny was writhing around in pain as it came in for a second time. Its teeth pierced her left breast popping it open like a water balloon, blood squirted out drenching the creatures head in fresh blood. She looked down at the hole where her tit used to be, flesh still dangled from the ripped chest and the warmness of her blood was somewhat pleasing to her. Jenny's head hung down on to her chest, there lying covered in coagulated and congealed blood, her nipple, darkened and bloody and resting by the bottom of her jeans. She managed to raise her head just as the creature came in for the third and final time, its daggers, tearing into the pit of her throat and ripping out her jugular vein. Jenny's bloodied body lay limp in the dirt. The creature grunting as it lapped up the remaining trickles of blood before stripping the meat from the bone with its bloodied fangs.

The wind picked up and it had started to rain slightly. Clouds formed around the dying glow of the midnights moon as a distant squeal could be heard drifting on the wind. A rat peaked his ears up as it caught the sound drifting on by him before it lowered its head and continues to feed on the darkened round bit of meat that was in front of him.

Paddy 11.03.19

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About The Author
Patrick Mullen
About This Story
23 May, 2019
Read Time
6 mins
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