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Platero and I: Pedro
Platero and I: Pedro

Platero and I: Pedro


The farmers are scared, Platero.

No, not from you, my faithful furry friend. Who could ever be afraid of such a wonderful and gentle animal like you. No, it’s a different kind of four-legged friend that worries them.

Today Pedro told me that he saw a wolf on the mountainside while herding sheep.

Armed with torches, forks and a single carbine, the peasants are going to comb the area tonight and will not rest until they catch the wolf.

But Pedro won't join them. He must already have a date for tonight.

I remember – but do the others as well, I wonder - that, as a child, he was often punished by his father for telling lies.

But I'm not going to take any chances, Platero, you are way too precious to me.

Soon I will get you off the pasture and you will sleep in the stables tonight. As long as needed, till I’m reassured.

Author Notes: Hervé SUYS (°1968 - Ronse, Belgium) started writing short stories whilst recovering from a sports injury and hasn't stopped yet. He usually writes them hatless and barefooted.
Illustration by Luk Martens

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14 Jun, 2022
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