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Playing Games

Playing Games

By Bitter

The young boy rushes in with a brand new toy. He rips open the packaging and the sweet smell of plastic fills his nostrils.
He smiles and tears through the rest of the box restraining him from trying out his new prize.
He picked up the sweet treasure, and hugged it.
For months, the boy played with the toy, barely ever letting it out of his sight.
He loved this toy. And he was happy.
Then, one day, the boy came home with a newer, prettier toy.
The toy was much better looking than the first toy.
The boy put the first toy under the bed when he played with the other one.
One day, the boy loses the new toy. He goes under the bed and takes out the old one. He plays with the old one for a while, and feels better. Then he finds the newer toy, and again ditches the older one under the bed.
The boy continues to use the newer toy; only playing with the other one if the newer one was gone.
This goes on for a long time, until the older toy finally breaks.

By now you realize, that it is not toys that I am talking about.

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13 Sep, 2011
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1 min
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