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Playing a Rebel
Playing a Rebel

Playing a Rebel

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We stand alone, against the crowd.

Not that we care, they're too loud.
We do what we like and act how we want.

They follow another's example and to us they taunt.
They hate what's different and bring it down.
They can't accept it, and at us they frown.
But, we stand tall, with our heads high.

We won't let our lives pass by.
We look around and guess what we see.

All those others acting cool, just wanna be's.
What they don't realize; the things we know.

We are all unique and it will always show.
It's what makes us different, no matter what we do.

From there we get noticed, becoming famous too.
So, people who try to fit in,
stop now, you won't win.

The crowd is a group, too many of the same.

Chances pass by, and no one will know your name.
Play a rebel, and whats the harm?

Haters that use harsh words to disarm?
They fade away under the roar of fans.

They don't want average joe's or just a man.
Smile and accept who you are.

Cuz you know that in the end you'll go far.
Now why are you here instead of choosing your own fate?

You don't need me to tell you this, your life can't wait.
Go, find your path.

Trust me, it's not math.

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7 Mar, 2017
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1 min
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