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Please Don't...

Please Don't...

By Kiki_Kicks

It was 5am in the morning and I get a text from my friend from my math class, he said that he was feeling a bit upset, and that he needed someone to talk to, of course I said yes, he is one of my closer friends, so I would always lend a hand for him. So we got on FaceTime and when we first connected, I could see tears rolling down his cheeks, and he was wearing a tux, I had no idea what was wrong with him. He opened his mouth and managed to get out the words, she died... I didn't know who I didn't know how, but I sat there for an hour or two telling him that everything was alright, that I has right next to him.... At 7:45am he told me that his grandmother had been killed in a deadly car crash, and his father and mother were also in a car accident, and they were both hospitalized the day before his grandmother died. He had just gotten home from his grandmothers quickly planned funeral, which he was still upset about. I felt so bad I wasn't with him, I literally got out of my bed, got dressed and walked a mile and a half to his house. When I got there, he ran to the door, and I gave him a big hug, his tears wetting my shirt. We sat down on his bed, as he tells me everything in vivid detail. After explains it, he layed on my lap and cried, I felt so bad for him, it wasn't my fault, I was trying my best and nothing was working. And then the moment came, he walked over to him window, opened it up, and jumped out. I peacked out the window, to see a police car and a ambulance. I didn't know what to say, he could have died, I DONT KNOW IF HE WAS EVEN STILL ALIVE!!!!!! I few days later, I revived a text saying that he was still alive, it felt good to know that he didn't die, but for him, it was terrible. I went to go visit him the next morning, and he really wanted to die and go see his grandmother, but I told him "she wants you to finish living your life,"  he knew I was right, so from then on he was happy, till a few days ago, his mother past away, from internal bleeding she received from a car accident, and yet again he tried to kill himself😭😣 I kept telling him live your life to the fullest, but he doesn't understand, he doesn't care anymore! He just wants to die and give up! Well I think that he should keep going, he can still grow up and raise his own family, and live a happy life!!!! I wish everyone would lend a hand and help him, cause I feel for him, and I wish him and his father good luck!

Author Notes: Let's just hope he doesn't lose his dad😣

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12 Aug, 2015
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2 mins
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