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By zoexoxo

I have not personally been through this but many other people i know have so please read

I was just sat there in my lesson waiting for the bell to go, as i just kept staring at the clock wishing it could just move five minutes at a time but little did i know my mum had just pulled up to run into school, Knock Knock Knock Mrs siddons bursts into the room saying elizibeth you need to go home now your mum is waiting at the entrance quickly i sprinted past the tall frail figure as i lept down the long winding stair cases, MUm was sat in the car with the door open quickly i lept in and we drove back to our house where amelia lily was also there crouching down by the side of our ads bed.

He had been suffering this awful disease for many years now and we all knew it was going to happen at some point but i just couldnt bear it happening now, He breathed like darth vader as he was saying his last words of adive encouragement and that when he stopped completely the room was silent, I just suddenly broke down into tears my confidence had been knocked right down all i could have done with at that moment in time is his arms holding me tight and swaying me back and forth i knew alot of my friends will be in pain an feel bad for me but they wouldnt have known what it would be like to be there and to loose your dad.

I havnt personally been through this experience but i know someone who has and i have all my feelings put to her and her family so please get the time to donate money to cancer research or go to the race for life and care for who'm people loose when they didnt have to loose them now
its all up to you... xx

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24 Nov, 2011
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