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Please stop......

Please stop......

By sadlittlegirl

I thought it was going to be a fun girl’s night. Watching movies and painting nails… But I am in High School now, I’m a freshman. Girls now want to have fun experimenting in drinking and boys.
My two friends as soon as the boys snuck in the house knocked back 3 shots of Jack Daniels and jump on the first two guys that walk in. I on the other hand had a boyfriend I just started dating. So I tried to stay in the back ground.
“Hey sexy, let’s let my boy get some. Come with me; give ‘em privacy.” Said the third boy of the group as he pushed my hair back from my face, he them grabbing me by the wrist and led me to a shower. I know this wasn’t going to end well. He was 2 years older than me and drunk out of his mind.
The shower had a ledge; he sat down pulled me by the waist on to his lap. “So honey. You wanna have fun?” as he started squeezing my chest. I shook my head and tried to get off… “I have a boyfriend and you’re a drunken dick.” I fired back.
I would have never thought this would happen to me. I never knew guys could be so cold. “Fine then I will have all the fun”
He took my shirt off and kissed down my chest. I was fighting the whole time… so he picked me up and shoved me back down on the ledge. He was strong. He held my hands over my head and kissed me, then down my neck and on to my stomach. And tried to pull down my pants and I pushed him away. He said “ohhh no sweetheart you are worthless, so just stay still” I held in my tears. He then pulled them down all the way to my ankles. He looked at my pink lacey thong and smiled. He pulled them down as well. As I reached down to get them before they hit the ground he grabbed my hands and held them down on my legs. He then spread my legs and started licking me. The more I squirmed the further he pushed his tongue in.
I finally said “Please stop, please.” He looked at me and laughed. He grabbed my waist again and said “you just don’t get it do you. I am not stopping until I get what I want. Ha and there is nothing you or your little boyfriend can do” He then went back down and finished what he started. “Damn I knew you wanted it, you got a nice wet pussy. You horny bitch, call me when your boyfriend dumps your sorry ass I want to get it in next time.”
He got what he wanted. He took it from me. He took my first time away. He took my happiness away. But the worst thing he took from me… was my piece of mind. And almost my life.

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7 Jan, 2012
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2 mins
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