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Poem 10 of 365
Poem 10 of 365

Poem 10 of 365


Be the shutter on an open book, collapsing dust that piles on thin lines that correct the broken and the lost that twinkle in the gleam. Could you see a nothing that exists on open backwater that planes across floating leaves. Corrupted dreams shake on your mind that crumbles at the fragile touch of belief. To be shocked into a start that you could see begin a belief that would not want to hold true for a sense of failure.

Glancing gaze through filled hair that droops and hides the open temptress that we wish was understood to live free of guilt and control our own minds. Not to listen to the words that revolve and explode telling you the way you should have done, to be free with no regrets would bring froth life with no effect.

No broken shades that open new ideas, idea of self of it, and I to be able to live the worst moments of life and feel, not know a sunken pit that fills endless voids of twirling gasps of forevermore. No one can be perfect, accept your flaws, and rise above it to believe in your own ability to control what lives whiten the mind's eye. And understated you are the human underneath the surface.

We have no idea what made us start what keeps us going forward with no direction. I have no idea what will happen but at least your toes feel cold and warm again to feel glancing warmth that holds itself to your skin to be able to breathe the air around trees the rupture into rainbow colors that keep on going that never cares. So we are here or somewhere but that is what it can do what you need and trust in the hands around and a hug that can comfort your soul.

Author Notes: This is me and what I do and I shall do it for as long as i can wirte these words the way i see it to be done.

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About This Story
31 Aug, 2020
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1 min
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