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Poem 11 of 365
Poem 11 of 365

Poem 11 of 365


Deals rock down shores of broken trust who do you believe in a man who says he can tell you what you believe is true or the one who asks questions, a trust built upon trial and error, and slow small steps. Or more bold statements depicting reality as what you can be and what it should be with more reality in view.

You want to trust in the things that confirm you not in what questions. We become belligerent afraid defensive with a will unrivaled we will fight over simple questions diverting deflecting not wanting to subject the question of what we confirm at the foundations to be as sand in the wind, not the steel and rooted towers of support.

A word on any other day would leave lips with quaking thunder roaring riots that follow each syllable that aim to crush shrink the difference. You believe to be on a side of progress but when you see the quiet still of the effects all that is left is hollow rage aimed at whatever is left. You do want to be on a fight for the right world that you want to see but did you ask a question what is that drive and is it in a good place to help. That was all we wanted to bring a smile to help those in need create better footprints that leave growth behind.

To tear down what you didn’t need to see to. No change a cycle of resetting and destruction which leads right back again .sub division separation polarizing corruption a step walked in another step wanting it to be your footprints that were left across the society that words spoken tied in your existence that you were here for a minute and hour that you walked alongside a word that you left at the door a paycheck walked in things needed to do that couldn’t be left you still need to live. So off you go separating a fight with the world you live. To tear down ever person who lies across your path taking in nothing more then what you believe stunting the understanding and compassion that not all questions have answers and not all words need speaking, to listen is a far more powerful spell.

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3 Sep, 2020
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1 min
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