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Poem 12 of 365
Poem 12 of 365

Poem 12 of 365


A wondering leaf in a daze of utter bliss with no purposes to goal end or start to carry its own self with no expectations, to live a life full of the universe that gathers around to gaze at a simple moment in time, could you see it just wind passing by carrying aloft nothing more or less than a dream of curiosity. To not be forced coursed into a decision or opinions. To live free is now so rare that you could look around the world and still be confused about the journey you made that day.

Trying to capture a moment a moving wave, the sound of still can never be achieved with a goal in mind to let go of a need to full fill and achieve to create memories for the sake of it to live a life that was brought about by time effort and work to accept paths laid out before and ones you find. To be a leaf on a wind that can only be itself and cannot be the wind. To lose sight of what made it in the first place we love to love others to be a part of something outside our skin. To leave the confines of a crusted skull to merge and pass through more then what you could be.

So easy to fall in love with the outside world you lose track of your toes your lungs and tongue. You let them live with no bounds lost connection with one separation. Dusted leaves that makes room to grow. No not when time was the pinpoint of unraveling concern the best interests places in misguided hearts that want the best to be part of the tree. To root and place down heavy burdens that grapple at already willing bonds. Who does not need a gentle wind but the rustling of others?

To pass by the calling wind that dancing within unfathomable depths. The choice is never so simple as yes and no to bring about no agreement but hold on or let go is guarded in our hearts, to be or not to root or let go you will find a self you never knew believe and grow and change as much as time allows time is mystery space is present life exemplary.

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5 Sep, 2020
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1 min
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