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Poem 13 of 365
Poem 13 of 365

Poem 13 of 365


A lie told by many believed by few a truth told by the few believed by the many. To trust for the sake of belief to leave question and reason checked at a door into a start of cultist reason. No one person can be more or less than you but to disparage at education that brought to life an egger question. To always be sure of failure and mistake to be worried about a single truth and fact to support it. No one stream of water should be drunk for too long, to heal your heart with blocks built upon the yes and positive correction. That support from the few and truth your belief become an ego so large you personal is left in shadow.

No one's life could be wrong in living a while longer to see a change and warped world be brought around a twisted tale. That blends into wild and chaotic rainbows. Losing sight of distorted reality that wants to be believed that craves divide and separation from the gravity of time. To stand tall atop a hill no bigger then your thumb if you wish to see it from a plane delusion in creation destruction in breath. To step inwards and fell a heart and ringing dreams that awaken during the night.

That echo and screech wanting to be nothing and a whole life unto its self. you can feed a beast till it swallows you whole taking you to pits that corrode and strip that want to watch as you meld and form shape along the muscles and crap it leaves behind.

There has never been a side but understanding, to see a world along which a cold breeze does not mean death that shade and power define a generation. To speak and be spoken to echo a life in which none could be broken. Left forgotten for a life cut short that could have become beginnings. Though other action cut the trees and burnt the roots leaves the whole forest gasping for water. Time to shall pass more beliefs made and broken crushed under the weight of a few brought forth by many. Love those who pass you take and make what you were and show it to the world that lies on the fabric of reality that lies in the boundary of skin and universe that touches exploding in infinite crystal shards that echo in the dark.

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6 Sep, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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