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Poem 3 of 365
Poem 3 of 365

Poem 3 of 365

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Weep, breathe, feel the earth around you, no matter the distance it's still calling you. Shocked with broken promises that leave you open for change. No matter how far you end the tale must still be told that you could break free of the chains of destiny that we could separate choice with the cogs that spin the universe that lets all opportunity and consequence comes full circle. Control and release just lives a coin flip away from action.

Empty beginnings filled with hope will open roads that once never existed to bring forth a new ideal and a change to what was. building upon and reach into the unknown no matter how sure, doubt will fill the cracks have them held together with the help of others till the path is built and a town built that others move on ahead.

Reach not for an end but a day to be spent how you wish. to leave it empty means the path was bare, to be filled with experience and share what you carry with for others to be a part of the tapestry that will be shown across that shines through the night sky never forgotten footprints that brings seeds to the soil and imprints left but change carried on.

We will all be forgotten on day but the life we brought around us might make a laugh escape the earth as she dances with the moon on a quiet night as the others sleep. Do not lose yourself bring with to share the love of others. When you hear that faint whisper on the wind remember you came from long ago and the steps are long but one at a time you made it here.

Author Notes: please let me know your thought and any advice on what to wirte love to hear new ideas!!

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24 Aug, 2020
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