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poem 4 of 365
poem 4 of 365

poem 4 of 365


Sky’s that shine the rarest hues of amber and sapphire, that beckons you onto to travels anew. That will take your breath over mountains. On emerald, planes will sit with thought and peace. And chaos stands inside that opens worlds of possibility and grants new seeds to grow. To me an abandon of responsibility, where peace and chaos dance to the tempo of the heartbeat. Bounce through the undergrowth into the highest peaks see a world that never dulls and the night of silent dreams that echo thoughts and show you fate along with the moonlight of the day.

Passing under rocks of sand that shift and glitter in the haze of forests long gone that delve into the mystery of magic and the far beyond, leave all unattended for it shall be watched by hands unseen and wonder yet lost.

Author Notes: please check out the other poems doing one a day for a year some may be long some short like this enjoy!

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25 Aug, 2020
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<1 min
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