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Poem 6 of 365
Poem 6 of 365

Poem 6 of 365


sleep broken, wakeful nights on open dreams that glimp and glide in the night. Shattered jewels lie strewed on kitchen floors, never more the chequered board pieces move on puppet strings of quandary most foul. Delve into the mind of mindless walks who feast and hide within the shade that bury heads too full of sand into concrete ground. See the type of beat they play all along to the same tune of tell and be told of dream no bigger than a pin, be a shelter to your heart bring warmth to the dream fan a fire that brings froth a will and shatter all preconceived convictions.

Sit to near or to far will leave no space for only life breaths through cracks, that shatter a thousand years of history that topple great swathing empires that sit and giggles at the day all you miss conceptions that protection from yourself was what you needed. That Crack could start all too near and grow a nightly tower of greens and reds and brownish hues that crave such blistering ire

Author Notes: Let me know your thoughts and how you feel from these poems.

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26 Aug, 2020
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