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Poem 7 of 365
Poem 7 of 365

Poem 7 of 365


Upward trails that dangle far into evening sky’s, a rush of passing winds that carry songs along waves of clouds in boldfacing blue that rise as towers and castles into the stars. That can never be taken by force within Constance permeable and change that leads and guides into the rain that falls a patter or a roar into the valley below.

Through ruptures glass and singular mass, wondering on top of newly formed waves a strength unapologetic correction change to new courses less roamed towards a cycle that never ends a sea as vast as the mind. A creative and still, at heart, a will to see it through all children live the truest to themselves until a domination force a will of things a ways they should be of rules and obligations and stagnant water fills their basin.

The trickle of fresh rains dries up under scolding day. A sea of bones and broken bridges that leaves no paths to wander through no wells left to explore until a mind regained its joy and shared with another to bring in frictions and sparks of change and mingling new creation, heavy storms come to shore and with it new beginnings. Let not a time of wait and regent befall you inspire those with your dreams fall and start again. Believe in your way of life and support your fellow traveler.

Author Notes: Please enjoy this year-long post of poetry an adventure is taken with many steps.

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27 Aug, 2020
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1 min
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