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Poem 9 of 365
Poem 9 of 365

Poem 9 of 365


Shutter corruption, fangs bared of empty anger that no amount of threats could bring froth a real rage, to feel a soulless response that conforms to the truths which we were told to believe from our start, what your rights of the worlds are, there is no grey you save a life but get jailed to lose your rights through the choice of others that so limitlessly believe in their course of life that anyone who steps out of the box that surrounds them that they are barred forever more.

Could you say you know another the way you know yourself could you be open to all change such water moves so freely or do you raise jagged rocks that pierce the sky and let others know where you stand could you be ally to those who’s rocks have sunk and the water carries them through the night. Or does the first rock get dropped into another's pool would you walk away as the change is brought to its course if you knew all action effects the world would you move or would you live in ignorance that what you do is pure good without any thought to aftermath.

Empty gestures lie at the feet of the forgotten, they wander on darker paths to be taken down and endless road of anger and hate at that which does not live on the same path. Not because it is bad but mearly that it is not within their view of a world given to them. To be left with broken tools no way of using what was left behind. You see a broken system where nothing is done by the divide get to know them who live the worst understand pain that is not yours see the face of fear and unadulterated cliffs and towers built to house a castle which nothing touches for if it did then they world crumble to dust.

No answer is true and correct but a picture with layers and layers that never ends that blends and bleeds into the canvas. You can see what your shown or at least see but to bring yourself into those layers where you start to contort with reaction no life can have no judgement to be free of your own ego in the moment to accept those colours you see could you try to begin. To know another and to be ok with them as they are and not force ideals which you hold to heart but let life live together alongside others that make up more large conciseness that they world glows in hues of rainbows and darks of night that bleed and morph in waking dreams.

We live experience and travel across the world once where gone all cycle repeats but all comes which choice do you start of change to you try or will you stay the same. None is right or wrong, it is.

Author Notes: Please let me know your thoughts and would you like to see this read at any time?

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About This Story
30 Aug, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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