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Poem On Child Abuse

Poem On Child Abuse

By katie64

What did I do wrong?
Hi my name is Carrie tonght my daddy and mommy murdered me,
I was sitting on my bed all alone hoping, hoping they wouldn't come home,
My mommy came throgh the door, kicking, punching, slamming me to the floor.
I was crying asking my mom why, oh why she didn't love me.
Cause your a good for nothin' piece of *hit she would say, you have no right to live if you act this way!
What did I do I would ask, she smiled aand slammed me against the floor and salked out of the bedroom door.
I balled up in the corner and lightly wept as I thought about why I was born, but it didn't help.
Then a banging came from the door and my daddy came through with my mommy not far.
What did I do I shouted as they neared, but the laughed. (just as I feared)
My Dad took a swing and hit me in the mouth and a tooth fell out.
I wept at the pain and cryed with shame.
I went deep in my thoughts and thought about when they loved me whe I was just a little tot.
Then I felt the worst thing of all is I love them, even if they are the way that they are.
I felt my Mom kick me my Dad did the same, and they laughed at me. (they were going insane!)
Then at the end of the beatings the blood and the gore, I managed to get up off of the floor.
I love you I whispered as I blacked out, I love you I wanted to shout
but as I sliped away they frowned, we hate you thay said, my Dad begining to kick me punch me and underneath all of that pain I love them and that is what confused me,
but no I love them I thought as I started to die, I live this life every day I love them in every way.
I love them no matter what they feel and I wish I could tell them that ust one more time.
I feel myself slip away as my body goes into a dark decay
Hello, my name is carrie tonight my Mommy and Daddy murdured me, I was only three!
Authors note:
Hi, I'm Katie and I just want to say to all of the sick people who abuse their children to back off! I am against child abuse because it is wrong to kill. It is wrong to kill a kid expecally. How would you like it to be carrie? Huh? Carrie lived only to die. She was only three! Although she is a work of fiction it IS realistic.
She has mixed fealings about weather she loves her parents or not, and she ends up saying she loves them. (Which is true, she does love her parents.) and the only answer she got was We hate you!
I cannot begin to imagine the pain she must have been going through!
She also remembers a time where her parents loved her and they took care of her, when she was a baby. (I said tot to make it rhyme)
Why the parents turned on her I don't know why, but maybe it was financial buisness.
I hope that when you read this you join me on the fight, I know that it will still happen even if we took drastic measures, but we can save some children and that is worth something.
God made us all special and each and every one of us is special in our own way because God made us this way! We should be able to have a chance in life to be great and have a happy life.
Carrie was beaten and unloved please help me on this fight!

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10 Jan, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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