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Poetic Killer
Poetic Killer

Poetic Killer

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“Walking in the house, the first thing you thought was, What a neat house. You didn't notice the blood splatter because there wasn't any. Not until you got to his bedroom. Then all you saw was blood. But you didn't think that the missing 16 yr old did it. I mean, who would? That is, of course, until you found the poem. That’s when you knew there was more to this murder than meets the eye.

It was on her desk. Open. Practically begging to be read. But no one noticed it until they realized the girl, the missing child, wasn’t going to come back home. I mean, what was waiting for her there? A bunch of cops waiting to take her to social services? Yeah, no thanks. She didn’t need another family. She didn’t want one. But, you realized it first, and that’s when you searched her room, isn’t it? And that’s when you found this:

“She was scared to death,

Of a man with alcohol on his breath.

He hit her,

He scarred her.

Took away her beauty,

Tried to make her ugly.

The bruises were hid,

That’s all she did.

Hide the hurts

Ignore the words,

Hide her breaking heart,

Hide all her scars.

He never loved her,

He wanted to kill her.

She had no savior,

No protector.

She had to save herself,

But trying to was hell.

She tried to take her life,

Multiple times.

He took away her trust,

Until her mind began to rust.

Her wings were broken,

He clipped them as a token.

She was breaking down,

He just wouldn’t stop.

Finally she snapped,

And she made a plan.

While he was sleeping,

She grabbed a knife.

She was sneaky,

The night she took his life”


But you didn’t think it was a confession, did you? No… you simply thought it was a girl’s silly poem. But it wasn’t, was it? No… And when you finally realized that, you sent out a warrant for her. Thought you’d find her that way. But you didn’t… In fact, you found another murder with another poem.

“I am but a shadow,

And I’m coming for you.

Go on tell me I'm insane,

But I am the master of this game.

Liars fill me with fury,

Abusers will be buried.”

And you didn’t know what to do. Find the girl? Or focus on protecting your citizens? You chose to find the girl… didn't you? But you couldn’t… In fact, when you found one of her temporary homes, you found this:

“You can’t find me,

No matter how hard you try.

I can see you,

And you don’t know what to do.

If you don’t stop,

I’m coming for you.

I tried to play nice,

But I look better in red than white.”

And just like that, you knew. You knew she couldn’t be stopped. Her mind had snapped, huh? Seems odd… The daughter of the Chief of Police being a murderer. But what was worse? The fact that she had killed her own father? Or the murder you found the next day? And the brand new poem:

“There was a girl,

Stuck in a living hell.

She couldn’t hide,

So she tried to die.

He found her,

He saved her.

Just to hurt her,

He would’ve killed her.

He didn’t keep it in his pants,

So now his body will feed the plants.

I told you once before,

Abusers will be no more.”


You didn’t know what to do. Then you found the drops of blood… They were almost in a trail. You followed it… Didn’t you? And that’s what led you here… To me… And now you can’t run. You can’t hide now. It’s too late. You found me… And now you’re at my mercy. Is there anything you would like to say?”

“You won’t kill me. You can’t. You’re a scared girl, I understand, you’re trying to feel safe again. But this isn’t how you do it. I can clear you for the murders-”

“You stupid, stupid, cop. I have to kill you now. You understand… don't you? I don't want to be cleared for any murders I’ve committed. I’m proud of them. All of those men were abusive sons of b*tches who deserved it. I SAVED them. I didn’t harm the poor children. They were up in their rooms, sleeping peacefully. They were like me. Stuck, terrified of the parent who took their anger out on them. I did them a favor!”

“You ruined their lives! You are a monster! How dare- ugh…” Red. Red spraying out of your body. The pain showing in your eyes. I smile and shove my knife into your stomach again.

“How dare you? I was thinking about letting you go. After all, I would've been gone by the time you came back with help. But now you’ve made me mad. And now look what you made me do. Are you happy now? The scared little girl just killed you… Such a shame, huh? You were trying to… what? Save me? Too bad. It looks like you’re the one that needs saving now, isn’t it? Ironic, huh?”

“Babygirl, we need to get going soon- Oh, you have a guest.

Jeffy, he came to-to SAVE me!” I giggle madly and Jeff’s smile is sadistic.

“She doesn’t need saving. In fact, she has never been happier or safer, have you, babygirl?” I look at him with a grin. You groan as my knife leaves your body with a sucking sound. “Shall we show our victim what happens to those who try to take what’s mine?” A giggle escapes me and Jeff steps into the light. Your blood drips onto the ground and the last thing you see is the glint of the light on the cold metal of Jeff’s knife as he lunges for you.

I lick your blood off my knife with a proud little smirk. I hear sirens in the distance. “Jeffy… The blue lights are coming!” I call, sing-song. Your body lays on the ground, covered in blood and cuts. But it’s not quite done yet. “Hehehe… Can’t leave until I write your poem…” I grab a sheet of paper and a pen.

“When I was hiding,

You found me.

When I was talking,

You ignored me.

I feel it inside of me,

It’s getting free.

I am coming for you,

There’s nothing you can do.

Go as far as you can get,

But the game is already set,

And, darling, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Beg for mercy,

Because now I’m the monster you say I’d be”

Author Notes: Thought i would try my hand at this. What do y'all think? Is it any good or should I stick to what I know I'm good at?

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29 Apr, 2019
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