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Poetry Swagg (Momo)

Poetry Swagg (Momo)

By boomman17

-You see I rep this poetry swagg, no this is not a gag. You can what you want to say & call me what you want to, you can even call me a fag, but you’ll see me trending like I’m on twitter, ‘cause I’m hot like a hash tag.
-Now y’all wanna know what happened, ok I’ll tell you;
Long story short, she stopped being true.
-It wasn’t the fact that we broke up;
I really wish her & her “new friend” would shut up.
-So her “new friend” spoke ill of my deceased sister, and he said it loud;
I promised myself that he wouldn’t go unpunished, I’ll make them proud.
-What really got me is when he said including the bitch on your jacket;
I hope he realizes that I can’t just drop it.
-But now she wanna protect him, knowing he dissed her;
I told her “Don’t ever again call Queen your sister”
-So now you know the story, no applause please;
But if you want to take a picture, let’s all say cheese.
-‘Cause you see I got this poetry swagg, & this is not a gag. Say what you want, call me what you want, I think I heard you call me a punk ass bitch and a fag. But look me up on twitter, I’m trending, my name up there with a hash tag.
-But we all know the fag part ain’t true;
You see my girl here, she’s the new-new.
-I know y’all were expecting the old one, well she’s gone;
A lot happened, y’all know she did me wrong.
-But back to my new girl, see I’ve known her for 4 years;
And I can only count one time I made her shed tears.
-Over a serious conversation, the topic was the army;
She was scared that she was going to lose me.
-Now the full story from when we started talking, it took me 6 months to tell her how I felt;
She felt the same way so that kinda helped.
-It took me 3 years to say “girl I love you”;
Then she made me smile when she said “Awwww, I love you too”
-And it took me 4 years to make her mine;
Glad she accepted me, and I still tell her she fine.
-‘Cause I’ll forever rep this poetry swagg, for the last time it’s not a gag. I don’t care what you say. I know I’m not a bitch nigga or a fag. Just look me up on twitter, 21’st Enigma, I’m trending with the other hash tags.

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About The Author
About This Story
9 Feb, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
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