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Not So Holy
Not So Holy

Not So Holy


Bricked and cement scented stands tall the obelisk,
Through hundreds of workers who with their lives have risked,
Only for progress to divine salvation,
To many dismayed, it ended up an abomination,

Slaughters occured, humans, like animals, were gutted,
This is what our gods would have wanted,
To treat our people based on social ranks,
And to just throw away bodies by the river banks,

So luminous and holy, stands the tower with pride,
Only to shade the poor on the tenebrious side,
Freezing cold, so algid and barren,
The place once so fertile with fruits, now seemed to reach its end,

Trudging the floor could make you sense the souls,
Of woodcutters to farmers, the young and old,
"We need not comfort, but share one sole goal,
Restore the lands nature and relieve our molds",

Of course in fear, you run away,
You've never seen a ghost talk that way,
To share the story would make you sound crazy,
All you could give is your grieving of their deity,

The wind stopped whistling,
The animals stopped breathing,
What once was a humble haven was now but people's bane,
Where lifeless entities reigned throughout the torrid, scorched plains,
Searching for tresspassers foolish enough to travel these lands,
To scavenge rubbles of the dead for treasure so grand.


Author Notes: I'm not saying religion is bad or anything this is about back then when sacrificial rituals were the norm.

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18 Apr, 2022
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1 min
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