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By sparatucus

When I looked around myself wonderring what i could be doing, it was as if i could not bare the sight of what was in front of me. What was in front of me? I had to figure that out. The title of suspence sucks ok? When you think about it, you wannah rush to the end to get to thegood part right? Well what went on is like no other; you'll never believe what transpired in the eyes of a younge 16 year old boy, me. Now have you ever been sitting on your bed and thought, "hey im bored." we i certainly have, until this one time it got me into trouble, now i cant think or really comprehend what went on but i'll tell it to the best of my capabilities. I walked outside into this world around us, right? and for all you weed junkies, not not flying purple sluts running around in 1 piece bathng suits. What i saw was dull, sad, and degrading. I saw the world coming to what i thought was a good place, but in reality is it really good when there are burners all around the citym and even in the outer areas where the trees relax but suffer the horrid smell of chemicals and air fresheners. Maybe i dont think like all of you do but it sure gets me the hell outa trouble. Theres not much to this story i understand; and i guarentee you dont believe this at all. Like i told you im 16, i have adhd and thi is just an intro that never really happened, so i will have real stories sure, but as for now I figured i would make up some random wordly crap that everyone see's everywhere. Oh and did i mention i had bad adhd :) Im a weird kid, and you'll see that if you read more of my stuff!

Author Notes: This really has no meaning guys, i was bored and wrote this. I'll be serious next time I promise.

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22 Mar, 2013
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