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Pop, Please!
Pop, Please!

Pop, Please!

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

My Pop hates pop

But likes pop.

Pop! The pop popped

With a pop.

The cop drank pop

While listening to pop

With his Pop.

My Pop knew a cop

Named Pop

Who liked to drink pop

And listen to pop.

Then one day he stopped

Because the pop

Almost caused him to pop.

The pop will make you bop.

The pop will make your ears pop

And your head bop

Until your Pop makes it stop.

Do you bop to pop?

The pop popped

Then it flopped

And finally it stopped.

You will flop

Without the pop.

Have you ever had

A glop of pop?

And if you had

A glop of pop,

Would you want

It to stop?

Pop makes me hop

Until I stop.

Would you hop for pop?

When would you stop?

Have you ever hopped

At a pop-hop

Until you hopped

Right out of your socks?

And when you stopped,

Did you drink some pop?

If you spill the pop,

You will need to mop.

How can you mop

While drinking pop?

You can hop to pop

Until it's time to stop.

But if you hop to pop

While drinking pop,

You will need to stop

Or you'll need to mop.

Is it time to shop for pop?

Would you hop and stop

At the pop-shop

To shop for pop?

Pop stopped at the pop-shop

To shop for pop.

Pop popped the top

Of the bottle of pop.

If the pop drops

With a pop

You will need to sop

The pop with a mop.

Who stops at a hilltop coffee shop

With his laptop

And orders pop?

"That pop really makes the pop pop!,"

Said Pop.

"Why do you sop on the countertop?,"

Asked Pop.

"I sop because I dropped

Pop on the countertop,"

Said I to Pop.

"If you don't hop

To the sop of the pop

On the countertop,"

Replied Pop,

"You will soon need a mop."

Poppy popped by

And brought Poppie and I

A lot of pop

Which we drank

While jammin' to pop

Until we almost popped.

©️ Matt Decker

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
14 Aug, 2018
Read Time
1 min
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