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Pourquoi est-ce que vous devez tuer moi (Why Must You Kill Me?)

Pourquoi est-ce que vous devez tuer moi (Why Must You Kill Me?)

By KelseyGoldfishy

Chapter 1
“This is Jane Hefley reporting live from Avon High School where a young student has been abducted. 14 year old Marie-Elise Smith was kidnapped just last night while walking home from a theatre rehearsal with her friend Henri. This is a picture of how she looks.” A photo of me came onto the T.V., and I couldn’t believe how I appeared. I wasn’t pale, and I was lively. If only my smile knew what the future held. Henri. What is he thinking? He must be scared to death.
“If anyone can locate this child please contact us at the number below. Again, if anyone has located Marie-Elise contact us.” Then the T.V. was turned off by my kidnapper. I will admit that I am terrified. I use to tell my piers how fearless I was, that’s until I knew how wicked the world is. What did I do to deserve to be taken away from my life, left in the dark? Who knew what this man would do to me. I thought the worst. “So, looks like they don’t suspect your best friend had anything to do with this” The man said. He was pacing around the room now. What? “What do you mean? Why would they? Who are you, and what do you want?” He started to laugh, and then realized that I was angry. “Henri, you better get in here before the girl goes off.”That’s when my heart stopped. Henri? Then he entered. I confess, I am happy to see him. He didn’t look like he wanted to hurt me, but knowing HE did this to me, I wasn’t going to talk.
“Hello Marie” His voice echoed off the walls. He smiled. I love his smile, but this time I shivered as it came across his lips. “What’s going on?” I asked. I thought back trying to remember if I’d ever do anything to upset him. Why would he, my best friend, do such a thing? “Don’t worry. Nobody will hurt you.” I guess he sensed how scared I was because he kneeled down in front of me. “We are trying to help you.”
“Help me?” I said. “You had this man kidnap me!” I don’t know if it is a good idea to yell at him, but it’s too late to take it back now. “Marie, The government is trying to have you killed.” Wow. He has lost it. “Why would the government want to kill me?” I only ask for his amusement. “You have a chip inside of you that will expose us.” “Expose us for…” “Not you, us.” Henri called the man on the other side of the room over. “This is Damien. We are vampires.” Great, Another obsessive Twilight fan! No, Henri has always hated the Twilight saga. He said that was nothing like real… The word vampire echoed in my head. Henri, a pale unsocial theatre student who knows tales as old as time. Okay I’m freaking out here. “What? How could you not tell me you’re a fucking vampire! We are best friends! Well, I guess not.” I regret saying that. I’m an idiot. “Marie, you need to calm down. I couldn’t tell you because you were already in enough danger. Just please understand that we are friends. Our friendship is real; I wasn’t a vamp in till after we became friends. I didn’t know you had our scientific proof hidden in your body. That was just our dark twisted fate” I guess he’s right. Plus, im not the kind of girl who stays mad like that. “Okay then. Why can’t they just surgically remove the chip? Why do I have to die?” I seriously wanted to know what the point is in killing a 14 year old girl for some dumb chip.” “You have to die for the chip to be removed. It is in your heart, and it’s too big to be removed without destroying it. Marie, I won’t let anything happen to you.” I felt the tears coming. Not because my life was in danger but because Henri didn’t want me to die. Then again, he may just not want the chip to be found. “Okay. I trust you.” I looked over at Damien. “I don’t know about him though.”

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8 Mar, 2012
Read Time
3 mins
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