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Power of Dreams Part #3
Power of Dreams Part #3

Power of Dreams Part #3

Legolas_GreenleafCharlie Cerberus

That morning everyone was simply gushing about the dream they had, and what's really strange is everyone dreamt that they had a superpower. Camila dreamt she had super smarts (‘cause she didn’t already), Sierra had a dream that she could see an hour into the future. Amelia dreamt that she could speak in any tongue she wanted or needed to and also was able to make shields and spheres of electricity, even animal-ish, Abbi dreamt she could turn invisible at the snap of her finger. Gabby thought about being able to control nature, ya know, making plants grow and stuff like that as for Taylor she dreamt she could fly and Bella said that she could stop time for at least 5 minutes, with an equal break in between. We all laughed at the idea that we could be superheroes. After we finished our breakfast, we all remembered a vital detail about the day “Well, it’s Saturday so we could go out and maybe do something together, like go biking or something outdoorsy, since it’s such a nice day,” I said, “Yea,” Sierra started “I just got a new bike and I would like to try it out.” So as soon as we finished our breakfast we all went biking. And that’s when the weirdness started…

I laughed as we biked to the local cinema. When suddenly I felt my legs pump the same way they did in the dream, and soon, everything before me was a blur, I looked to my sides only to find empty spaces where my friends used to be. This lasted for a few seconds as well as the fear that came with it “No I must still be in a dream this can’t be real, superpowers don’t exist. That’s only in Science Fiction novels not in real life.” I thought, and suddenly I stopped, strangely enough, my legs didn’t burn, even after such a fast race. I was at the cinema when I looked up, but how could that be? The cinema was still very far away when my legs went hay-wire. I didn’t know what to do or what just happened so I waited for everyone to catch up.

When everyone got to the cinema the all we clearly bemused at my sudden outburst of speed. “What happened Hailey?” Gabby asked, she was probably the most bemused, after all, she was the only one who knew that I was slow as molasses. “Yea, one second you were just moseying along with the rest of us the next ZOOM! You were off like a bullet.” Bella put in, “I-I don’t know I guess I felt a little strange in the legs before but I thought I was just making up the tingling in my legs, then right before I shot off, the tingling became a sudden pang, like the feeling you get when your legs fall asleep for a few seconds, then boom all the feeling went away and I was speeding.” I confessed, though the feeling was sudden, it also felt familiar, but the feeling was so vague as if it had only happened in a dream…

And the weirdness didn’t stop there, oh no, the weirdness had just begun, when we were in the movies, we were watching 47 meters down: uncaged, for your information. While watching Sierra leaned down and whispered in my ear what was going to happen next, ‘okay’ you might be thinking, ‘no biggie, there are some people who can roughly tell what’s going to happen next in the movie, so what?’ Well, my friends, she didn’t just tell me what was going to happen, as you may assume, but she said what was going to happen word for word. I'm talking she knew the dialog that was going to happen an hour into the movie, and we had only seen the first scene. After the movie, we went for lunch and I told the others what happened, and Sierra explained “I don’t know what happened, I just had a flash of the movie an hour before the part we were on. I don’t really know what happened, I just knew…” “Well, today’s working out splendid isn’t it?” Bella said sarcastically. So far two of us had had a weird...thing happen to us and we all could tell it was only going to get weirder.

On the way to the sorority we had to cross a busy intersection, and at this time of day, it only got busier. The thing to know about Taylor is that she is not the most observant of human beings, so when she was crossing she didn’t notice the speeding driver that didn’t notice the change from green to red. Bella screamed “Taylor!” Bella reached out her hand and the car stopped, as well as everyone on the street, and near us, everything stopped, including the huge clock that was hanging on the jewelry store's wall. Everything was enveloped in a purple aura. Bella was in the middle of it all, she had completely purple eyes and her hands looked like they were going through a timelapse video of the rest of her life, first, they turned old and then the skin flaked off and soon the bones turned to dust and then it started all over again. She looked a little scared, I would be scared too if I just did, whatever this is. Taylor ran to the side we were on and breathed heavily, she would have had a near-death experience if not for Bella's...time-stopping power. Suddenly it hit me, we were all getting the powers that we had our dream, the spell must have been real it must have worked. I proposed my theory to my friends and they all agreed we should go home and further investigate. So we started to walk home and poof! The time just started again, I guess the time limit came with the powers.

When we got back to the house we all sat down in me and Camila's room. It was silent, we didn’t know what to say, what do you say when you all just suddenly got powers you’ve only ever dreamed of having?

Author Notes: How do you like it so far? Sorry, it took so long for me to post!

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Charlie Cerberus
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2 Jun, 2020
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5 mins
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