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Power Off
Power Off

Power Off

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I was alone at home. Mom and dad were at a gala. I was in my room having some ‘me’ time. Just then the power went off.

‘That rarely ever happens here’ I thought. There was sheer silence. Then I heard a faint whisper “hello” about 3 feet away. I panicked, the power came back on.


I went out into the hallway to get a glass of water.

The power went off again. I stood there in the darkness. I was scared of ……………….something!

And then in the utter silence about 2 feet away, I saw a pair of pale, lifeless eyes staring at me.

I got horrified, I broke into a cold sweat.

The power came back on.

I felt it would happen again. I decided to go to the neighbors and stay there until mom and dad got back.

I took my jacket and made my way to the front door

The power went off again!

I got agitated.

I could hear my heart beating. I heard the faint whisper again, I saw the eyes and a scary grin about a foot away. I wanted to run but I couldn’t see anything.

The power came back and went off instantly.

‘It’ was nowhere to be seen.

I felt heavy breathing on my neck. I heard the faint whisper again, it wasn’t a whisper anymore.

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11 Jul, 2019
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