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Dear God,

I’ve been taking your advice, lord, and I’ve found that I actually do think sometimes. I...I came up with some things that I think might interest you, lord. Alright, do you think that a smile makes a sap person feel happier because happiness is just simply transmitted to them?

Or do you think deeper like me.

That when you smile at a sad person they see the sadness within you without meaning to and they try and determine whether what they are sad about is sadder than the smile you give them. And if it is, they always start feeling better about themselves, and if it is not, then they know they’re not sad on their own, drowning in that pit of unhappiness.

Lord, I don’t know many things, but I know some things. I know that your love gives me power to wake everyday and eat my breakfast at the mental hospital as I visit my mother, who I’m sure you recall is insane. Nothing else would ever give me that power. You know what made me think today, lord? I was at the hospital, and I was crying. Then an old man walked past me...he had a smile on his face. I followed the man and saw him enter a room. There were doctors all around a body. There was a heart monitor besides the doctors with a straight line with an insistent ‘BEEP’ sound coming from it. I’d covered my ears, lord. I couldn’t stand it. The old man fell to his knees beside the body and as the doctors moved, I saw the faint image of the old man, slightly younger, hugging a little girl in a photograph. Realization struck me as hard as it could have. The body on the bed had been his daughter. Yet, the old man still smiled and I heard him say faintly,

“Your time has come, my loved one, but Jesus walks, and he will walk with us to heaven,” and the man fell to the ground.

He was dead, lord. So was his daughter. His name had been Al Mazsacre,and he’d been a pastor. I’m sure you know him lord. I’m sure he’s with you in heaven right at thins moment, and if you see him, lord, please tell him hi from me.

I want to thank him fro showing me that life was about more than mourning for others. He showed me that I had a life to live, even if others won’t live with me.

Thank you for always listening,

Ella Massen.


Author Notes: Thanks for reading my second story on this website!

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29 Nov, 2016
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2 mins
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