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Prelude To Pretend Happiness

Prelude To Pretend Happiness

By Bella2311

When I was little, my friends and I would go to the park and play. It was a time when I worried about nothing and ran with both feet. I had fun playing with them and we would always talk about the most childish things. My fun ended, one day when the ball went out into the road. I remember hurrying to get the ball, so I didnt bother to look for cars, I couldnt wait to get back to the game, but I never ended up being able to. Instead, I was told that I'd never run or even walk again. My parents didnt know what to do nor did my friends, but they still came to visit from time to time, but after a year they stopped. Day after day, alone, locked in a unexcapable world, where I dreampt of what could've been, of a future that would never be. All I could ever do was sit and watch TV and the more I watched the more I would have to dream about, but for some reason I kept watching. I'd watch music programs, and rock bands and I'd think how nice it would be if I could do all that stuff too, but what I wanted most of all was to fall in love, and have a perfect family, but I couldnt do anything. Not on my own. Who would want to love me? Not even my parents loved me enough to stick around. There was nothing I could do, that day when I t'was but a child, I cursed my fate. There was no where I could go. And just like that everything had ended. After all, all things must come to an end. Someday.

Author Notes: I don't actually know what prelude means, but it sounds cool. Oh, sorry for the ending, I didn't know what else to write

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10 May, 2013
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