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Prelude To Self Dicovery

Prelude To Self Dicovery

By Bella2311

When I was born I wasnt alone. I had an identical twin brother, which brought pride to my rich parents. Naturally, they would want successful heirs but unlike my brother, I had no talent. He was my fathers pride and joy, and after a while I was forgotten. While my brother would go out in public and show off, I would be stuck in that house all alone and I relized it was usless to try as hard as I did, if I always ended up being neglected anyway. One day, my brother and I were involved in an accident that took my brother's life. To avoid being pitied and receiveing bad publicity, my father lied and said the boy that had died was me. I was made to assume my brothers identity, and was forced to learn everything he had known. I was no longer me, and each day reminded me that I was a fraud. My dull and boring life was now filled with excitment and adventure, but it wasn't ment for me, it was meant for the only person who cared about, the only person that would ever be willing to sacrifice their life for someone like me. After a couple of years, my father got sick and I was able to be myself again, but I didn't know how. I had gotten used to being my brother, so I did what I belived he would do, and I took care of my father. He was all I had.

Author Notes: if god was omnipotent, then could he make a rock he couldn't lift? And if he could then wouldn't he be the opposite of omnipotent.

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15 Jun, 2013
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1 min
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