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Princess Peach's Birthday

Princess Peach's Birthday

By 96lw15

It was the 1st of January 2009 and Princess Peach was really excited for her upcoming birthday the next day. Mario was thinking about doing something special for her birthday...He had a plan and a gift. The gift was a giant birthday cake and the plan was to get down on one knee and give her a kiss on her hand and on the lips and make it a special day for her. Everybody in the Mushroom Castle was extremely excited for the next day. They all went to bed early so the next day would come quicker. "Good night Mario, good night Princess. I can't wait for tomorrow!" Said Luigi. They all lay down happily and peacefully.

The next morning everybody was up super early and they were all preparing to give the special gift to the Princess Peach. Mario told Luigi about the cake suprise and Luigi responded "Wow, she'll love that present! Let's get it now!" He said. "PRINCESS PEACH, PRINCESS PRINCESS!" The toads shouted excitedly. Mario and Luigi have a suprise present for you. "Actually, it was just Mario!" Said Luigi to the Princess as she walked downstairs and out of the Mushroom Kingdom with a beautiful pink dress on. Mario thought she was beautiful and when he saw he walking down those stairs he fell in love with her even more! "Yes Mario. What did you get me for my birthday?" She said softly with her cute girly voice. Mario smiled and said "I got you a..." as he pointed in the direction the giant cake was being pulled out from "...a cake!" The cake was slowly being pulled out by the toads on a giant wheelbarrow. It stood 2 times taller than the Princess Peach. She loved it and was really happy with it and gave Mario a big hug. Just before Mario was about to kiss her as his plan he saw some spiky things in the cake and went over to have a look and see what they were. As he got closer 8 of Bowser's minions jumped out of the cake and cackled. Mario and Luigi and the toads were all really confused. A big enemy jumped out the top of the cake and threw the cake on top of the Princess and trapped her inside. They quickly ran off before Mario or Luigi or the toads could save her and try and stop them. "NO! WAIT! STOP!" Shouted Mario. "THAT BIG BOWSER MONSTER MUST OF DONE THIS. WE NEED TO HELP HER!" One of the Toads said quickly as they started to run after them. The Toads loaded some powerups into some cannons and shot them out to try and damage the airship that the minions threw the cake onto and flew off on. It didn't work, but the powerups scattered all over the world to help Mario on his journey of saving The beautiful Princess Peach. The toads said "Mario, we can't go any further but Luigi can go a little bit more with you. You need to go on an adventure to save your Princess. You will have to fight those minions and eventually Boswer to get to her. Will you do that for us, for you, for Princess Peach?" Mario nodded his head and quickly went on his journey for his Princess. "What an awful birthday for her!" He thought. He seemed sad and wanted to try really hard to save her. So Mario wanted to start his adventure. He went through the Mushroom Plains and fought Larry Koopa. He got to the Desert Island and fought Roy Koopa. Then he reached the Snowy Islands and fought Lemmy Koopa. After that he got to Water World and fought Wendy Koopa. Eventually he reached the Dark Forests and fought Iggy Koopa. He then reached the Big Mountains and fought 2 enemies on there. Morton Koopa Jr and Bowser Jr. He seemed to do this quite easily but it took him a long time. Mario was very determined to continue on and rescue his Princess and the love of his life. He said during his journey "When I reach her I am going to give her a big hug and a big kiss because I have missed her so much! I am really tired but I am doing this for her!" He reached The Skies and fought Ludwig. Then finally reached The Giant Volcano World and saw Kamek near The Princess. Mario was happy to see her and he shouted! "PEACH!" He ran to her and nearly touched her but before he could...Kamek grabbed the Princess and flew off. Mario was frustrated but he knew he was so close the Boswer's Castle. Later on he defeated the Airship so Mario knew that this couldn't go on much longer. When he reached Bowser's giant castle he met Luigi and Luigi said to Mario "You can do this. Do it for Peach!" Mario said "I will. Wish me luck on fighting that giant Bowser monster!" He sighed and was very nervous but he entered. After successfully getting past all the traps that Bowser left for Mario along the way...Mario met Bowser and shouted "Give me my Princess back. She is mine. Not yours!" Bowser replied with his humongus growling voice "I'm going to defeat you Mario!" It was a long and hard fight but Mario eventually got past Bowser and hit the switch to drop him into the lava below. He hit the switch that opens up the cage for Princess Peach to get out and be lowered and with Mario forever. As he hit the switch he heard weird cackling noises. The Princess in the cage was fake. It was Kamek pretending to be dressed up as the Princess. He flew around and sprinkled some magic into the lava. A couple of seconds later there was a violent shaking and big grumbling noise? Mario and Kamek were both really confused to what it was. When a bowser that it even bigger than before due to the magic came up and growled. As he came up from the lava he sent Kamek flying off and as he growled, the force of it pushed Mario back. That's how big he was! So Mario was really scared and Bowser started spitting fireballs at Mario but as he kept missing he opened up the walls by burning them which led Mario closer to Princess Peach. There were a couple of minions throughout the wall areas such as goombas and fire bros. Mario struggled and he got hurt by a fire bro but defeated them. Mario saw that it was just fire below and no platforms and he thought "I can't do this. All that will happen is that I will jump into the lava and die. I give up!" He sat down and he was so close and really upset that he got this far. Bowser was really close the killing him so he was trapped. But Mario heard a beeping noise above and he had time before Bowser could get to him to quickly climb up and see what it was. It was a ? mark block. Every ? block he had discovered so far had just been coins and no powerups. All the powerups that were shot out of the cannon and the beginning of the adventure had all fallen down holes and Mario said to himself "They can't of all fallen down holes. Anyway, if this isn't a powerup then I'm dead so I am hoping that it is!" He took a slow, deep breath but then realised he was being chased so he quickly bumped his head onto it and he saw nothing. So he sat down and cried in terror. He thought "This is the end. This is it then? Wait a minute, what is that orange light over there?" He walked over to the orange object and as he got closer, he realised that it was a flight suit. He said to himself "But...But what? I thought there was nothing? Oh, I get it." He realised that flight suits fly up when bumped out of ? mark blocks and then they fly back down so he could collect it. He put the suit on and got ready to fly. He flew forward and advanced closer to the Princess, the love of his life. He was so happy he had gotten this suit. He thought it was fun flying through the air and he could avoid Bowser and the laval easily. He could see Princess Peach. He was in shock, in a happy and excited way! "MARIO!" The Princess shouted. Mario found the switch to open the cage and it was the real Princess! She lowered down slowly and beautifully. Mario said "Princess! I've found you." In happiness. The Princess said "But what do we do about Big Bowser who is coming for us?" She was scared and Mario had only just noticed as he was attracted to the Princess and so happy he had got her. The Big Bowser Monster got close to them and growled "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU BOTH NOW!" Mario was very scared so he walked backwards slowly and was going to try and get away but the Princess and Bowser both knew that they couldn't get away from a monster as big as that. As Mario walked backwards a bit further he accidentally stepped on a switch. Mario said "What is that?" Bowser remembered about the switch he had put there to kill them but Bowser had brought it on himself. The switch opens the floor below the lava that Bowser was stood in. As the floor opened Bowser started to sink and struggled in the lava and drowned. "NOOOOO!!" Bowser shouted. "YES!" The Princess shouted. "Thank goodness he is dead. I am so glad I have found you Princess. I love you with all my heart!" Mario said. The Princess said back to Mario "I love you too Mario!" Unexpectedly these special words came out of Mario's mouth. He had saved the Princess times before but had not felt as happy as he does this time. She still looked beautiful to him even though she has been trapped in a cage for days. Mario said to her as he got down on 1 knee. "Princess Peach, will you marry me?" The Princess looked really suprised and she said "Since you tried to make my birthday special with a great cake that I was munching on as I was trapped and I forgive you because you came after me and saved me, I say YES!" They were both really happy and they hugged each other for a very long time. Mario said "Come on, let's get out of this horrible castle!" So they got out of the castle and the skies started turning blue and it was a very nice day. They saw 2 balloons in the sky getting lower. But they weren't just regular balloons, they were hot air balloons. Luigi in 1 and the toads in the other. As the balloons softly landed on the grassy ground Luigi carefully opened the door and Mario stood and held the door and let the Princess go first. The were holding hands and the balloons slowly took off and they were flying across the gorgeous skies of the Mushroom Plains. The balloon took off before Luigi could grab it and as clumsy as he is, he fell over. The Toads gave Luigi a ride and everybody lived happily ever after. Before they landed and had a party back at the Mushroom Castle, the Princess said to Mario. "Tell me about your adventure then!?!" And Mario just started to rub his head and said "I'll tell you later!" They had a nice party and everybody was happy. Well, not quite everyone. Back at Bowser's Evil Castle, Bowser was lying on the ground with Roy, Iggy, Kamek, Bowser Jr, Wendy and all his other minions trying to wake him up and push him over. As they pushed him over onto his belly he made a big earthquake and the whole ground wobbled and his minions all fell over and as Bowser's Castle slowly started to tip over it landed on top of him and they all lived horribly as their plan went unsuccessful. They didn't go after Mario or Peach ever again. THE END!

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6 Oct, 2012
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