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Princess Reviews

7 reviews have given an average rating of 5 out of 5 Stars
Muxima gave a rating of 5

Lovely story my dear.

LeCat127 gave a rating of 5

Haha, this is such a mood! There wasn't much depth to the story of the princess and the knight, but it was a fun drabble and I can always appreciate reversed gender roles. The break away to the author's perspective entertained me greatly. Nice work.

xXGLB-LifeStudioXx gave a rating of 5

This was a good story! I also understand the struggle of making a story yourself love then thinking it’s not good at all, but yeah, this is a good story! Keep up the work of writing, have a nice day, be safe.

Robert Thornton gave a rating of 5

Haha, I really liked this story. I understand this struggle so much!

scorp gave a rating of 5

This made me laugh because it's so true! I have so many inspirations, ideas swarming my head like a beehive and then when I finally settle down to write, I think it's horrible.
I had a great laugh and keep up the great work!

Thomas Ray
Thomas Ray Thanks! You keep writing too, eventually you'll write one that you like.
Author -
Dari Poulson gave a rating of 5

This was really funny. The end is usally what happens to me with most of my stoires! XD
I love it!

Thomas Ray
Thomas Ray It happened quickly.
Author -

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