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Prison Escape Part 3
Prison Escape Part 3

Prison Escape Part 3


the big hit

We got a new truck and guns we are planning on doing a break out at the prison because we have friends in there we started getting everything ready and then our friend called us and asked to join the plan we said h*ll yea.

We had just enough supplies for everyone enough ammo, guns, masks, clothes

Our target is to kill all the guards and keep the warden alive for another thing I have planned. We get to the prison at 9:00 pm. We get out masks on and get in the prison and start shooting everyone except the prisoners were halfway done and we hear something in the bathroom like a radio I rush in there and its the warden I knock him out and call in the radio saying “we’re all clear it was just a prisoner banging loud on the cell” I tape the warden up and cuff him to a pole and lock the bathroom door. We just cleared the prison and released all the prisoners. We grab the warden and drag him to the truck and cuff his hands to the back seat and make our way to the house and we put the warden in the basement. We start asking the warden questions about where his house is and how much money he has in his bank account and all that. Then his phone went off it is his wife I said answer the phone and if u say anything about this you will die, understand he said okay and he told his wife he has to work late because a prisoner escaped and then we got his password to his money and finances. We get to his home and rob it we had got everything out in total we got about 200,000 dollars in items and I got his pistols and guns.

Author Notes: hope yall like the story

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30 Oct, 2021
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1 min
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