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Prison Escape Part 4
Prison Escape Part 4

Prison Escape Part 4


Then someone snitched on us to the FBI the (federal Bureau investigation)

We got raided but by the time we got raided we already moved somewhere else but little did we know our buddy set us up we got to the house and the FBI and CIA were there and we all got arrested even the dude who set us up. We were in a different prison the first thing I did was tell everyone not to trust him his name was (gunner) at least that’s what he told us. Found out a day later he got jumped and injured pretty bad he was sent to the actual hospital and I was a part of the cellblock C gang and had to shank someone to join.

then had to go shank someone he said anyone and I found the warden and shanked him and killed the warden. My buddy was transferred to another prison. Two weeks later I got out of solitary confinement and found out I’m getting moved to the maximum-security prison in a week. I had a life sentence so I was getting the death sentence. With the death row crew, I did not care if I’m being honest.

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30 Oct, 2021
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1 min
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