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Ουσία - Prolougue

Ουσία - Prolougue

By Tessissweet11 - 1 Review

Prologue -

Years ago there was a war between all the living creatures in the land of Νησί. Then out of the night came a dragon her name was Ειρήνη she was furious that there was a war going on so she gathered together a representative of all the things that could speak and extracted an oath that they would live in peace with each other and they would help the others in times of need. All the beings that could speak agreed except for the dwarves. They claimed that they did not need to take the oath because they were the superior beings and did not need to be watched over. Ειρήνη became very angery and she said that if they would not take the oath then she would have to banish them. After they still refused to take it so the dragon was forced to banish them into the earth never to see light again. The other beings including humans were very afraid that they would be banished if they said no to anything the dragon said so they followed her orders without a second thought. For years the dragon ruled over the people and they did not show their fear. But in the last hundred years the dragon has grown weak. And the peace is about to change.

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13 Feb, 2020
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1 min
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