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Prom is just around the corner where we celebrate leaving school to either go college, sixth form or go do an apprenticeship some say its the time when you can be happy and be their person you are.

It's a time to have fun, relax and feel pretty in the dress they pick. the people that may judge them or have judged them in the past. i have come to like who i am and what i look like im now proud to be who i am and i hope after i leave school i will live a happy life without thinking that im being judged each day i come in to school or the way i act .

Enough about that, prom a time where you get to express who you are by what dress you wear, what hairstyle you have, what heals you wear and finally what color nails would you have. you get a chance just to be yourself, of course their will be the popular kids that are promoting how pretty they are to everyone around them, the quite kids will be there in a corner loving the music but afraid to dance..

But at my prom i will have friends that are there for me they will stay with me through thick and thin times, i will be confident being me and embrace who i am and not let anyone stop me from being my true self .... being happy.

Author Notes: my prom is soon and my feelings about my life change but writing this today i feel really
happy :)

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25 Feb, 2020
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