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A Promise Left Unbroken

A Promise Left Unbroken

By BrokenDyingAngel

"Finally I am going to be in highschool!"I said to my now sophmore friend Chloé. "Look sweetheart it's great we are going to school together but highschool isn't that great besides it tears friendships apart" she says with a sigh. "Clo we will always be friends and I sure as hell won't let high school change that hell not even death will tear us apart." "how can we be friends after death?" I smile " Simple you die,I die." Chloè smiles touched by the offer "same here,Swear?" I smile" on my life." She puts her arms around me and kissed me?! I was stunned for a second.Oh I forgot she is experimenting with girls. I looked at the clock "hey Clo do you want to go catch a movie I asked. "yeah I would love to" she replied with mischivious kind of tone. "Okay can we go to your house and change?" Yeah sure she answered. We took the ten minute walk to Chloé's. She told me to go in the guest bathroom. She went in her bathroom and screamed! I ran to the bathroom and she was on the floor crying. "Gina whats wrong?!" I ran to her and flipped her over "no,don't look at me." She had lumps on the top of her legs and her chest. I looked into Chloe's eyes "Clo did you know about this?" She cried even harder " yes, I'm sorry I started to cry, "why didn't you tell me?" "Gina, I couldn' I didn't want you to stop being my friend becouse you knew I was dying." I wanted to scream at her and yell at her but she is already suffering enough. " Clo how long has this been going on? "3 years. I have tried to kill myself but I couldn't without saying goodbye to you." I sighed, "sweety this isn't goodbye we are going together." She looked shocked "no you can't your only a kid." I kissed her head " you die, I die remember?And my life is hell enough without you" I went in the attic and found two ropes I tied them next to eachother to the high beams of the ceiling. We stood on them put the rope around our necks and held hands and knocked over the stools and hung. Friends Forever!

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25 Jun, 2011
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1 min
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