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Promise Me

Promise Me

By eamurchison

The constant beeping of the monitor and suction of the breathing machine in the distance as i open my tired eyes. The monitor seems steady. I get up from the cramped chair i had feel asleep in the night before and slowly walked to the bedside. His face is pale and his eyes are darkened with disease. He looked up at me, pity in his eyes, and held my hand as the tears from my face fell to his. I knew he didn't want me to cry anymore than i already had, he told me so before, but what will i be when everything is finally taken from me?
"promise me?", he said with a weak smile across his face.
"we've already promised brother", he had been asking me for days, months. I just don't have it in me to refuse his wishes anymore, "today's the day right?" i said with a smile, only meant to ensure his happiness. But it probably didn't fool him anyways.
He closed his eyes, still holding that weak smile with his remaining strength.
I leaned down and kissed his hand, leaving my wet tears behind, and left the bedside for the mass of machines.
One switch, click, and his eyes start to tire. I walk to his side once more and to tell him it's over. He motions for me to come closer and whispers to me,
"promise me?"

Author Notes: My first story as a young person please give constructive criticism at [email protected]

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4 Jan, 2015
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1 min
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