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Prophecy Child (Part 1)
Prophecy Child (Part 1)

Prophecy Child (Part 1)

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"Cut!" the director called. The actors began loosening up and talking to others from the scene. Wes stopped staring and continued preparing the snack table for the actors. A loud ring echoed around the building. "Alright, everybody!" the director sang from his seat, "Lunch break!"
Wes quickly rearranged a few chip bags and backed away from the mob rushing to the food.
While walking towards his favorite spot to begin eating, a shoulder shoved his own and he was knocked on the ground along with an object from the person who had bumped Wes. "Clumsy me," a voice said above Wes.
Wes picked up the strange thing that had fallen. It was a small, black, sphere with four golden chains strapped around it and a silver star in the middle.
Wes stood up and handed the small ball to the apologizing man. "You... dropped this," Wes said.
The man stared at Wes with widened eyes. "Green eyes, brown hair, pale face," he muttered.
"Huh?" Wes said, confused.
"Green eyes, brown hair, pale face," he repeated, "You! Prophecy Child!"
Wes blinked. "Um, take this," he said, placing the orb into one of the man's hands. The man clutched the ball with his hand and put it in one of the pockets of his jeans. "Right, thanks," he laughed, "I'm Apollo."
"I'm Wes."
"Nice to meet ya', Wes!"
Wes started to turn around and continue walking back to his lunch break corner until he was stopped by Apollo, who was grabbing his arm.
"Wait," he said, "You have to come with me." Wes paused and turned around. "What do you mean and why do I have to come with you?" Wes argued, shoving Apollo's hand off him. "Green eyes, brown hair, pale face!" Apollo repeated again, louder this time, "That's you!" Apollo smiled.
"Yeah..." Wes said, touching his face, "My face isn't that pale..."
"It's pale enough!" Apollo replied. "Now come!"
"No way," Wes said, "I still have to eat my lunch and I don't even know you."
Apollo slumped and began frowning. Wes started to feel bad but wasn't sympathetic enough to follow Apollo. "I guess you could come with me and try to explain whatever 'green eyes, brown hair, pale face' means," Wes suggested.
"That would be perfect," Apollo said while standing upright again, "Where are we going?"
Wes gestured to a dark corner a few feet away from them.
"Ooo..." Apollo gasped, "Mysterious."

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6 May, 2021
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2 mins
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