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Prophecy Child (Part 6)
Prophecy Child (Part 6)

Prophecy Child (Part 6)

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"What? Who? Me? I did it? I found him?" Apollo stammered.
"Yes," Dagrod answered, "Good job."
Wes took his arm out of Apollo's shaking hands and covered up his birthmark.
"Um, what?" Wes questioned the two who were talking to each other with surprised expressions.
"Wes!" Apollo screamed, turning to Wes with wide eyes, "PROPHECY CHILDDD!"
"Um, what?" Wes asked again, trying to make his words more clear to Apollo's small mind.
Apollo ignored Wes, too busy excitedly blabbering to Dagrod.
"Master!" he shrieked, "I DID IT!"
"Yes, Apollo," Dagrod said, covering his ears, "You did well."
Wes looked at the old man, waiting for him to stop the shouting. But all Dagrod did was sit down, still holding his ears.
Wes sighed knowing that he had to silence Apollo.
Apollo started loudly talking about how he had a good feeling about Wes being the "Prophecy Child".
"Apollo," Wes begged, "Please... Shut up."
Apollo went quiet and made a zipping his lips gesture with his hand.
"Sorry," he chuckled.
"Thank you, Apollo," Dagrod relaxed, "You two should go see if Ms. G can give you some rooms."
Wes guessed he was just trying to get rid of them which he was kind of annoyed by but beaming Apollo agreeably stepped out of the room.
"Wes! Let's go!" Apollo cheered.
Wes stayed put, facing Apollo.
"You do realize you basically kidnapped me, right?" Wes hesitated.
"But this is a happy kidnapping," Apollo pointed out, making a face as though that was a valid point.
"What?" Wes argued, "That doesn't even make sense!"
"Whoo! Let's go!" Apollo ignored Wes, skipping down the hall.
Wes sighed, walking out the door and started to follow Apollo before Dagrod stopped him.
"Wait," the old man ordered Wes, "I know you probably have a lot of questions but you just have to assume that Apollo probably won't give you a straight answer, at least not right away anyways."
Wes looked down at him.
"Yeah," he replied, "I was hoping maybe you could give me some answers."
Wes stared hopefully at Dagrod.
"Sure," Dagrod agreed in a gruff tone, "Come back tonight at 11:30."
Wes nodded and proceeded out the door, leaving Dagrod behind.
After catching up with Apollo and talking to Ms. G, Ms. G explained to them the layout of the building and that they were the only ones at the inn.
The hallway on the left of the curved counter were all of the rooms, whereas the one on the right had the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, storage room, and dining room.
Apollo and Wes chose two rooms right next to each other at the beginning of the left hallway.
After that Wes was left alone in his room, watching the clock. The minute hand moved with a tick sound and it was finally 11:28; the time Wes chose to start heading to Dagrod's room.
Wes got off of his bed and quietly crept out of his room and down the hall to meet up with Dagrod.

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10 May, 2021
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2 mins
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