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Protecting Disaster- Chapter One
Protecting Disaster- Chapter One

Protecting Disaster- Chapter One


Junior Year- Earth Science

“I hope you guys like your seats because this will be permanent, the person next to you will be your lab partner for the rest of the year. Introduce yourselves.” The teacher waves her hand as if to shoo us away.

“Garret,” I smiles at her expectantly.

“Chelsei,” she says back.

“Don’t we have english together too?” I ask

“Um, I think so.”

I snatch her schedule out of her hands. I begin to read her classes aloud.

“We have two more classes together. Oh, and lunch.” I say.

“Stalking me?” She asks with a hint of a smile touching her lips.

“You know it,” I wink at her and hand her back her schedule. “Wanna walk to history with me?”

“Otay,” she says back.

I smile at her and go to say something but the girl across the table started talking to me about the party going on tonight. She relentlessly flirts with me and I can’t help but wonder if the pretty little Chelsei is going to the party tonight.

===Chelsei POV===

“So, are you going to the party tonight?” He asks me when we are walking to history.

“Whose party is it?” I ask even though I probably already know the answer.

“Jackson Harrisons. He live up in the Ridgemont neighborhood.” He says

“That's my brother,” I say

“Seriously?” He asks. “You look nothing alike,”

“He looks like my father,” I say swallowing a lump that appeared in my throat.

“And you take after your mother?”

“Something like that,” I say vaguely.

When we walk into the classroom he follows me all the way to the back row and takes a seat next to me. “I’m going to sit next to you, if you don’t mind.” He smiles at me.

“Not at all,” I smile back

“So since it’s at your house, I’m assuming you’ll be there?” He asks

“Somewhere hiding. In my room most likely,” I say

“Why won’t you be with some friends dancing or whatever?” He asks

I wave his question off as the teacher begins class.

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3 Sep, 2017
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