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Protecting Disaster- Prologue
Protecting Disaster- Prologue

Protecting Disaster- Prologue

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The walls are plain. Just white. No posters, no color,plain. The machines make constant noise. The sound of the heart monitor has been the only thing keeping me sane. Just knowing that she is still here with me. That she hasn’t left me alone yet. It means everything to me. She is my everything. Her beautiful pale skin is always on my mind. Her pink soft lips were my favorite. The way her hair would smell when she would hug me. The feeling of her thin fragile arms holding me with all of their strength. I miss her gorgeous smile that I could always bring to her lips. The small giggle that slipped when I would do something silly. I miss her so much. I wish she was still here. Fully here. To where I could hold her tight without fear of breaking her or hurting her.

I watch as her brown eyes flutter open. They quickly find me and a weak smile appears on her lips. “Hey baby girl,” I whisper to her.

“Garret? Is everything okay? Where am I?” Her voice is weak. She looks so worried. She looks as if I was the one in a hospital bed instead of her.

“Something happened. Something really bad. You have an injury in your skull and it is affecting your brain. How do you feel? Do I need to call the nurse?” I talk slowly not wanting to scare her too much.

“Was it…?” She won't say his name


The nurse enters the room and wheels away Chelsei giving me a look of apology. As if a small smile could make the fact that she might die any better.

Author Notes: *** Tell me if you want me to post more chapters. :)

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2 Sep, 2017
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1 min
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