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a proud mom

a proud mom

By sweetshenzy

It was Sep. 17, 2007. Her youngest daughter, Amor was about to face one of her most daring challenge. Amor was a candidate for Miss SBC ( Southern Baptist College 2007). Amor has been fully supported by her older sister Shen. Shen has been there for her all through the competition. She has been teaching her how to look confident, how to project, how to speak in front of the crowd, how to smile how to walk and how believe that she can make it.

Everyone in the family is proud of the Amor. Everyone knows that Amor will grow as pretty as she is. But above all of them. It’s Amor’s mom who’s most excited and the most proud of all.

It was that very day, Monday, she has prepared what to wear from head to foot. She picked her floral blouse and her white flair slacks and paired them with her white flat shoes. She looked so fancy that day. The smile that meant a lot was all over her.

Program proper should have started at 2:00pm. Unfortunately, there was a sudden blackout. The organizers did not have any choice but to wait until the electricity is back. The show finally started at around 4:00.

Amor looked stunning and sounded very confident when she introduced herself in front of more than 2000 crowd. In her sweet multi polka dot bubbled shorts, navy blue over a red spaghetti strapped blouse and yellow feathered 4 inched strappy hills, Amor walked stunningly beautiful.

In the back stage, she sat and older sister Shen refreshed her make up. Shen was then coaching Amor while doing the retouch when Amor’s friend suddenly opened the backstage door and said, “ Mor, your mom was rushed to the hospital!” Everyone looked at her and in unison said, “what?. Shen was shaking, Amor was holding back her tears. Their aunt Cherry and father and another sister went to the hospital to see check what happened to the proud mom. Shen and Amor could not relax backstage and Amor lost her confidence for a moment. She was not smiling while walking on the ramp stage. But, she wanted to continue and want to stay in the show for mom. They decided to finish the show, mom would not be happy if Amor gave up.

The show is now over, Amor was crowned as Miss SBC 2007. They then rushed to the hospital. Amor showed her cash price and trophy to mom. Mom could not speak, she could not get up, she could not even open her eyes. Only tears kept flowing form her eyes. Mom had hypertension attack that caused her half body to be paralyzed. At 8pm, mom was driven to one big hospital in the city to be monitored. She suffered internal bleeding in the brain.

She was just a proud mom, excited to see her beloved youngest daughter walk one of the most memorable walks in her college life.

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22 Feb, 2011
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