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Ουσία - Prt. 1

Ουσία - Prt. 1

By Tessissweet11 - 1 Review

Chapter One ---

Dolina was just getting out of the carriage when she slipped and fell. Strong hands closed around her waist and pulled her up so that she didn't land on the ground. She looked up to see a handsome man standing next to her with his hands on her waist. She immediately stepped away and thanked him for catching her. She then helped her mother out of the carriage taking care not to disturb the scarred lump of her hand. We had gotten the request to come to the palace two days ago and just now they were able to come. Father was now out of the carriage and was staring at the man that had caught me. I then saw that the king was standing behind the man and immediately dropped into a cursey. The king then asked me to stand and follow him.

I was walking next to the handsome man and decided to ask his name.

He answered “ My name is Morze. You’rs?”

“My name is Dolina.” I answered.

We were quiet for a moment and then I asked “Do you know why I'm here?”

“I do”


“Not telling”

We got to a room that was filled with light and had chairs to sit in. The king said to sit and listen so he could explain why they were here.

Author Notes: The names are Polish and Greek if you have any questions about what they mean just ask.

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27 Feb, 2020
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