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Psychological Self Defence for All

Psychological Self Defence for All

By mike333

Psychological Self Defense for All.

Many human beings are predators at heart. Given a chance will try for whatever reasons to get the better of others. Whether because of their own psychological make up, or God only knows why. So here are some quick and easy tips to protect yourself. Prevent yourself from being a victim.

1). In a confrontational, new or challenging situation, whether speaking up for yourself, or a physical altercation, expect to feel scared, to feel afraid. The butterflies in the stomach. The shaky , weak feeling in the legs. The dry mouth. The shaky, high pitched voice. It’s normal and natural. Just the bodies reaction to impending confrontation. Everyone feels it. Even tough looking bouncers and security staff, Policemen , Firemen, and others who seem so confident. It’s just that some hide it , that feeling of fear,( which is just another name for adrenaline ) , better than others. due to their constant exposure to challenging situations. One way to deal with the effects of fear is to label situations as exciting, rather than fearful. Because it’s similar chemicals that are released by the body to deal with such situations. Take an amusement park ride, or step into the boxing ring, same feelings, different situations.

2). Build up your self esteem, and confidence. Do what scares you,do what you are afraid of. Afraid of heights, climb that high wall. Afraid of public speaking, speak up at a public event. Start small, if you like. But when you do what your afraid of, the sense of self esteem and satisfaction you are rewarded with, is immense. Learn to love yourself, faults and all. Accept yourself for the way you are. All aspects of yourself. Walk away, and stay away from others who strive to undermine you, and crush your soul. Whether they be lovers, family, or so called friends.

3). Be Assertive. If you don’t like the way someone is speaking to you, or treating you. Tell them. No need for anger, just say it as it is. Say how you feel. If they disregard you, and pay no heed. Stay away from them. Cut them from you life if needs be. Refuse to interact with them, refuse to speak to them, if your stuck with parents,as an example who may be toxic to you. There is no need to put up with rubbish treatment from people. Be aware toxic people will not let you out their clutches easily, and their will be repeated attempts on their part to integrate themselves back into your life, to push through your psychological boundaries, that you have in place. About what behavior and treatment you are willing to tolerate or not, from others. With high self esteem, and been assertive you will become more selective, about whom you allow to enter your life, and what treatment you will tolerate from others. Not all people are nice, and good for you. Do not fall for the charm, and warmth and friendliness. It’s all a ruse. Because soon after the cycle of abuse will begin again. It will start small and then they will escalate it, guaranteed. Look out for it. Remember Mothers can be envious of their daughters, and Fathers can be envious and jealous of their sons.

Just a couple of quick tips, for a nicer life.

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7 Jul, 2017
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