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By Doublezmagnum

Derek Hubble financial officer of PupCo Paper manufactory, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Right at the beach
I was sitting there at the beach just gazing into the horizon to see the ocean in its majesty. I was there simply eyeing the beautiful symmetry going on with the water and the sun. My phone buzzed; another image tagged from one of the people I am subscribed to, I pressed the combination to my phone and I liked the photo, looking at the photo, I sort of laughed a little bit. In the picture was an awkwardly placed metal door and a downwards leading metal shaft, in the middle of grassy fields. It showed the approximate region to be around Wyoming. I looked through the comments seeing many of them saying that they want to see someone go there to see what is there, I give one of the comments a like. I am back home, I hear my phone ring again, and the post has over 100 thousand likes already. Apparently HLS has announced a message.
                Stanley Cooper head of the HLS, HLS Press Conference, West Virginia,
Stanley Cooper said to himself that he wasn’t paid enough for this bullshit. He was standing behind stage, hearing the director say cueing Stanley to get on stage. He took a breath mint, and walked right on stage. He smiled, took the generic applause, and began. “It has come to our attention here at Home Land Security, that there has been certain place in Wyoming, which has been getting quite the buzz lately and has caused a bit of a security problem for us at HLS as we are unable to locate where that is specifically on the map. We will pursue this further in the coming months, thank you.” The audience roared with ambivalence throughout the stadium.
                PI Patrick Smorn, Wyoming, I-25
 I was sick of it. Sick of it, sick of it, sick of it I thought to myself as I lit up a cigarette. When I was done I threw it off the chopper. The driver said he would advise not doing so. I told him to tell someone who gives a fuck. I just wanted to see my children again, we had scheduled a vacation this week. After a couple of hours I spoke up; “There,” I exclaimed pointing to the structure in the plains. The chopper pulled into a flat surface near the area.
 I grabbed glow sticks, a flare, water, food, a camera, and miscellaneous tools need I be in a dangerous situation. I extended my hand towards the pilot. He told me to fuck off. And just like that we departed. The Chief had advised that I bring a small survey crew. I responded that I can handle a couple of meth heads on my own. At least we assumed they were meth heads. I got to the door. I knocked twice, “FBI,” I shouted. “Open up!” No response, just scratching… I got a lock pick, and took out my glock, to be prepared for anything. Finally, got it open! I slowly opened the door and yelled “COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP SLOWLY, I’D HATE TO HAVE TO FUCKING GET BLOOD ON MY CUSTOM MADE SUIT!” No sound at all, almost as if it was completely empty! I shined my flashlight, it was a curved staircase. I cautiously proceeded, relieved that the steps were well cemented and I could go down the stairs quietly.
I descending for about five minutes somewhat confused. I finally made it to the bottom. I expanded the range of my light and the first thing I saw was a cart misplaced with files everywhere and blood on the floor. I heard a loud screech and an incessant moan. Yep definitely meth heads.  “I’ve spent enough time getting here, how about you just show your goddamn face, and no one gets hurt eh?” I heard a louder screech and this…. This… Thing attacked me, it was part bird part man, his face was obscured just a skin like covering t a vaguely humanoid face, that’s all I got before I saw his beak, his over-sized extremely large black beak. I looked closer deeper into the face, almost mesmerized at the sheer horror of the beast. I saw the stitches on the beak and all over the humanoid like structure. He had wings like those appendages one would see on a marsupial as a fleshy wrinkly bit of cartilage. His eyes and nose were covered with skin, and he was naked from head to toe. All of him… All of him… All of him was sutured up… Someone had done this to him… That’s all I can say about glimpse I got from him, until I slipped on papers and hit my head on concrete, losing consciousness. I woke up, shivering, so cold I was, I had to get help, I had to call for help, and I grabbed at my belt, when suddenly the pain hit me. I was screaming loudly, I pulled out my phone, using the light of it to shine on my hip, where I saw it was torn and bleeding badly, I yelled at the top of my lungs, and called 911. “Hello, 911, what is your emergency?” “Hi this is PI Patrick Smörn requesting assistance to my area immediately,” “What is your predicament?” “My hip is bleeding badly and there are these wild animals here, please come and help me.” “Stay calm, please tell me at where are you located sir?” “I am on- Gah!” Someone kicked my phone from my hand, I immediately began taking out my glock before he began crushing my head with his foot. I began shouting for god, or whoever was out there listening. My phone sprawled across the floor somewhere, I turned on my flashlight and rolled to see a hooded man who punched me square in my face. Everything went blurry as he continued punching me in my face.
When I woke up, I felt numb all over. A ringing sound came over me. I blinked and then still blurry but coming back into perspective, I saw a light bulb shining above me. I was lying down, I looked down and saw my chest open. And someone was working on it. I saw his face! It was the hooded man. I yelled at him, to which he replied. “Shh shh…. You might not want to talk right now...” He gently tied a muzzle to my face. I yelled as loud as I could at him, squirming in my seat. “Oh, how cute when they do that, but seriously now, I think I might let you live you just have a remarkable body. I mean, wow, I haven’t seen this caliber of specimen in a while, don’t worry, I’ll take care of you…” The man made more sutures and incisions, and then afterwards pricked in some more anesthesia. I moaned, as I passed out.
I heard radio plying in the background as I rubbed my eyes. I vomited on the spot. There were bodies everywhere, strewn across the floor. People with these huge spider legs instead of normal legs, and others with the heads of horses, and donkeys, all with their neck cut open. “Oh, them? Don’t mind them, they’re not going anywhere fast! Aha! Come on, cheer up, chances are you will join them soon.” “You sick bastard,” I yelled at him. “Now now, no more talking during the operation! So, you may be wondering why I was looking at your chest before! Take a guess? Come on!” I stayed silent. “Oh you’re no fun! If you want to know the answer it was using my special patented formula on your special little immune system. I like to call it my way of disabling your white blood cells from saving you from any infection. Thankfully I keep this place clean ahahahahahaaaaa…. Seriously now, I can now attach anything I want and it might work on you! It worked on Rory didn’t you see? Ah, only time will tell. So, today I have genetically modified a lobsters claws to be human scale, why you may ask, because I felt like it! Now, I’m not just going to tape it to you, that’s just silly, that’s the other reason I had to go inside you, I needed some fleshy tissue to put in your new arms! We can’t have lobster meat in there, we need people meat. Anyway lo-," The man started laughing, " Look at your face oh wait you can’t here you go, here’s a mirror.” What the fuck happened to my face, I had practically slits for eyes and one was higher than the other, there was a pus-like pore that was purple under my eye, my teeth were cracked in the front. I looked a mess. I yelled in anger. “I do agree, you do look funny! Ahahaaaa! Anyway anyway, look at me, I’m never going to get to the operation am I?” The sicko put a giant lobster claw on the table next to me. How the hell was he going to get that on me in the first place? “So the first step is very very simple, we just suture a band so all your blood doesn’t come out, we take out all the meaty bits off of your arm, and then we stuff it in the lobster! How’s that for a plan? Here’s the best part, your no longer on anaesthesia. Hahahahahahaha... You might be thinking you might die from pain, but no, you won’t, believe me, even they have made it to the part where I end up killing them,” the man said with a wicked grin on his face. He seemed like an ancient man one of maybe 60-70 years of age. He’s not actually going to do this is he? “Ok let’s go!” He begins humming as he takes a needle and thread, as he begins threading through my shoulder blade a block to not allow blood to pass. I begin screaming in agony, yelling for the sake of humanity. “Michelle, ma belle,” He begins singing, and I feel the string in my meaty flesh like a piercing wound, “Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble. Tres bien ensemble hehe surely you know this song? No? Sing with me!  I love you, I love you, I love you! That's all I want to say Until I find a way I will say the only words I know that You'll understand Michelle, ma belle Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble Tres bien ensemble  I need to, I need to, I need to I need to make you see  Oh, what you mean to me  Until I do I'm hoping you will Know what I mean I love you I want you, I want you, I want you I think you know by now I'll get to you somehow Until I do I'm telling you so You'll understand Michelle, ma belle Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble Tres bien ensemble I will say the only words I know That you'll understand, my Michelle. Eheheheh what great timing Im done with the initial stitching, High five! Hahahahahahaha! I’m too much honestly.” I was in tears, my right arm turning purple, “We better amputate that then! HYYYAH!” He swings an axe and lops it off with a blow, he begins pouring the blood into the lobster claw shell connecting small veins and arteries, throwing out the bones. I screamed in writhing hell which was this moment in time. I wanted to die, I wanted to die, do you hear me I would fucking kill myself then rather sit there! I began yelling for his attention, but he just kept on ignoring me. I began to undo the clasps of my seat, when he said “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, if this surgery is a failure then you’re going to die a painless death compared to what I would do with you were to leave.” He refastened the belts, patting me. I just began praying, feeling so helpless, so desperate so alone, I felt like death was above my shoulder but it never came. “Okay! So now onto the second part of the procedure, attaching the arm. That part is easy, look at what I made for you. That’s right just for you, your very own bio-mechanical shunt with the DNA to automatically regrow the veins and arteries so your ship shape to snip and snap with your snippers! Haha! But believe me when I say that that will hurt like a devil! I am not going to lie about that. But, first let’s put in the shunt! He jabbed a metal like device into my arm, I begin vomiting blood, but I am unable to through my muzzle, so I am forced to swallow it, He pressed a button on it and 4 metal prongs latched onto my shoulder muscle tissue. How am I alive? How am I Alive? How is this not killing me? “You might be wondering why you’re not dead, let’s just say you got pacemaker'd  hah!” He attached the lobster claw over my shoulder and began suturing it to my arm blood covering my entire body, and all over the place. “And done. That wasn’t so bad was it?” I lived, why there is a god, I lived, and did you hear me: AND. I. LIVED. I LIVED! WHAT HUMANITY IS THERE! “Oh you wait here comes the DNA implanting soon, I better let you vomit, and I’ll just take off the muzzle now. I think the surgery was a complete success what do you think?” I began vomiting blood on the floor, shouting,
“YOU’RE A FUCKING SADIST, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?” The “Doctor” looked appalled, “I worked hard on that lobster arm, how dare you sir?”
“If you don’t fucking get me down from here right now, I will fucking kill you, you son of a bitch!” “Why there’s certainly no need not to move, please I implore you get up!” I rose from my bed and hopped off instantly to land on my feet, I began crying again. My torso felt weak, removed, my arms felt dead lifeless, numb. I then passed out because the shunt began releasing the spores of DNA. When I woke up, the man in the hood was waiting for me. “Rise and shine sleepyhead, guess what? I don’t have to kill you! First you have to run through our obstacle course out of thousands only about 20 have lived through this, and I still think that your legitimate chance of doing this is near zero, but don’t worry, because death is a thing of the now!” I swung my lobster arm at him to reveal that there was a plexiglass window there. I cried in agony as the nerves were still developing. “Why are you doing this, why are you messing with us this way you bastard? Tell me why?” I yelled. He retorted, “Not till you finish the training course, see you on the other side!” The man walked down a hallway to spectate me. I screamed in pain, and looked ahead of me, there was a ladder in front of me leading downwards, I had to get a good grip on it, or I would die right there. Slowly lowered both legs and then grasped with my hand and almost fell off of the ladder. How would I descend? I thought. I tried grabbing with my claw. It felt numb, almost cold and raw like icy shrimp. I had to progress, or I would die here. I clutched the top rail with my claw and then began descending one appendage after the other. After about 10 heart wrenching minutes, I was finished with the ladder. How could I survive, if I had difficulty with the ladder, how could I possibly do this obstacle course? I screamed and began crying in despair then I saw the obstacle course. There were swinging pendulums over looked to be a spiked floor, it looked as though I had only one chance. The obstacle course was laid out as so, the first stage was a very narrow walkway with axed pendulums swinging at the same time, with just enough space in between for me to fit, and they weren’t moving too fast so it didn’t look impossible The next part I wish I could say the same for, it seemed to be a ladder over a grinder, coming off from a ramp at the end of the pendulum bit, after that, there seemed to be a platform which had some sort of dispensable product, not quite sure what it is or even if it is a dispenser at all, but if I was going to climb a ladder there, then I would soon find out. Behind the platform were sets of monkey bars which I thought would be the hardest part of this entire obstacle course. After that, as far as I can see there is just another solid platform. I stood on the first platform, pendulum inches away from me. Why delay the inevitable I thought to myself, as the pendulum came down I began walking, I stopped nearly got grazed by one, I continued onwards, one of the axed pendulums cut a layer off my toe, to which I winced and then ran onto the ramped platform and leaped or the ladder leading to the next platform, once I landed on the ladder noticed something was wrong. The ladder began descending towards the grinder, very rapidly. I climbed as fast as I could one arm after the other, I almost made It to the top, but I somehow got my leg stuck on part of the rope, it was my fingernail, I was approaching the grinder closer and closer. As I began to feel the heat from the grinder, I did what had to be done and tore off the fingernail, and climbed back up the ladder. I yelled in sheer pain and suffering as my toe hurt so much. I heard on a loud speaker, “Not impressed, you’re the slowest time so far! Here maybe this will speed things up a little bit.” I looked behind me to see fire erupting from the pendulums slowly approaching me. I Screamed as I jumped onto the parallel walls, and slipping and sliding from the blood, I had to hurry, I quickly continued to jump until I felt the walls separating from each other. “Faster,” he said, “Come on slowpoke we aint’ got all day!” My thighs were burning as finally I rolled down a wedge, and saw my final task, a rock climbing wall. Oh for fucks sake, haven’t I had enough, I thought. I heard the fire getting closer. I jumped onto one of the rocks, making my whole body spin until I regained control. I grabbed the rock the nearest to me, with my lobster claw, and missed falling a little bit, I had to make progress! I felt the fires getting nearer. Finally, I was nearing the top, the fires, so close now burning the parallel walls, I Shrieked as I made it to the pinnacle, feeling the fires burning my skin, I jumped off the wall, and rolled onto the ground. My back hurt like hell, I couldn’t get up then, I was just curled up in a ball, grabbing my head, and not letting go. When I fell I didn’t want to hurt my head, so instincts took over and I grabbed my head. The man walked near me, then said, “Stop being such a baby! Get up!” He kicked me in my stomach, “Are you listening you FUCK! GET UP!!!” This time he kicked me in my abdomen. I sat up, and then with some struggle I stood up. “Good job, I’m proud of you, you know! Maybe we could do some more modifications, come on, let’s go see what we can do!” He sedated me and I fell asleep.
I woke up without clothing, dripping wet, in an office chair. I saw the doctor, and my hands and began screaming thinking that just for a moment it was all a dream. But no, the nightmare continues. “Now isn’t that a fresh start lad? By the way I wouldn’t hit me if I were you, I run this whole place, and I have seen thousands, THOUSANDS of you, let’s just say trying to kill me isn’t going to be easy… Anyways. I was here to tell you about my plans for you! So, I have a guy I think I would like you to meat, his name is Jeffrey, and I have already had the pleasure modifying the living shit out of him! Don’t worry you’ll find out soon enough how. Let’s just say he hasn’t seen anyone for the last couple of months,” He wheeled in a man with a straight jacked thoroughly bound through and through, mind his mouth, which was horribly modified, the man apparently replaced his oral features. Instead of teeth, he had rusty bars almost like a grate. His eyes were replaced so that they were different sizes and shape…. “You guys are going to love eachother.” He whispered into my ear, “If you can stay alive for five minutes, then we can have some real fun together!”  He locked the door behind him, and soon after the man woke up, confused at first. I was scared but didn’t dare make a sound. He leapt from his chair into my lap and began tearing at my face, to which I kicked him with all my force and went into the restroom that was there… I locked the door behind me hearing low pitched agonizing scream.  I saw talons piercing through the wooden door. I was breathing heavily, I needed to find something, anything to fight this beast off. I looked in the bathtub, and had a doubletake,it ws filled with viscera piled to the very brim of the tub. I saw a metal towel hanger. I grabbed onto it and forced it off of the wall with one hand. I attempted to use my lobster claw, and it worked, it actually worked, is what I wish I had said. No instead, I almost fainted because of my misplaced nerve endings and the ways that they are connected… Suddenly the door was shattered to pieces, I saw the beast, no hair, miss shapen eyes and all, I was ready to take him on. I smacked him in the face with the metal pole, black cuts in between his eyes. He Jumped at me, and began tearing of the meaty part of my alf, ripping it of an identity is what I would call the at, nevertheless, I hit him off with the pole and shrieked in agony, holding my leg, close, until I felt a metallic force hit me in my torso. I heard my stomach complain, and I decided I would play no more with this demon of a man, I sprang at him hitting him on the head with the pole about 7 times repeatedly, until he stopped moving, then after I got up, he sprang at me again, To which I through him off of my face onto the ground and hit him In the spine again and again, until I then plunged my hands deep into his neck and tore away from his spine with my teeth. He stopped moving long before I kept hitting him over and over again with the pole. I dropped it to the floor. I crawled out of the room back into the main lobby or wherever the hell this place was, it didn’t look like the other parts of this building. The man came back in smiling, “Oh dear me what a surprise, I thought you’d certainly perish, and a job well done sir. But rupturing someone’s spine? Come on now, that’s a bit juvenile don’t you think? Anyways I want to put you to bed. Yes Bed! Ahh it’s time for bed for everyone now isn’t it. Here, I will put you to bed with your brothers and sisters," He sedated me again.
                I woke up in a very dark room. I lit a match, I could see that we were in a somewhat cavernous region that seemed to be caged off, I also saw cockroaches. Lots of them. They weren’t normal ones either, they were full on foot long cockroaches infesting this alreadu ccrowded cave. I pondered my confined space, and fell into despair until I noticed one of the cockroaches begin climbing up; it’s no use I thought to myself, you’re not really going anywhere anyways. I saw the Cockroaches somehow slip onto a rocky ledge which led to another crvice. It’s ard to explain but the point is I saw a foreseeable way of getting out of there. I Jumped towards the ledge, I missed and landed on my back, crushing cockroaches under me. I tried climbing onto the ledge, and succeeding, I ran and jumped towards the higher ledge. I made it. I didn’t see a lower ledge out of this place, so I had to jump and roll to the ground. I heard my back unnaturally crack. I lit another match, there were roaches crawling all over me. I didn’t give a damn, I had to find a way out of this cave. I lit a match and continued following the wall, not seeing anything but hearing water dripping down. How is the water there I thought. Pipe. I looked around for a concentration of water, and sure enough there was a pipe leading me to the sewers, the cockroaches were surrounding me making it difficult to continue, but eventually I was going down a very deep tube, It was very small, I didn’t know how much longer I could go with this little breathing room, its getting on my nerves.
             My brain started pulsing, my lungs begging for air. I punched through the roaches, their body parts getting in my eyes, I screamed as they began swarming around me. I kept going. As I screamed roaches began crawling into my mouth. I began crying, I kicked with my legs harder and harder. There was no space for any air, my arms pushing as fast as they could up the pipe, and then I felt a stop. There was a grate. I felt there were two screws keeping the grate on. I didn't know what to do when I remembered I had a quarter in my pocket! I took it out and unlatched one screw. I began hearing a ringing sound, as I was squirming in writhing pain, the quarter fell! As my whole field of vision started to turn red, I vomited, and began wringing my left hand around through the roaches. Life fading, I felt metal! yes! I grabbed the slimy quarter and began twisting! I got it off I pushed with all my might and broke free. I breathed fresh air, roaches sprawled on the floor, and fainted.

I hope you enjoyed this tale. I wrote this about a month ago, there is way more I could write, but I didn't know who would care so if there are enough people that would want me to keep writing then I will! thanks!

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